Is It Time to Leave America, While You Still Can? | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Dave Hodges

February 2, 2013

The Common Sense Show

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One prominent talk show host is telling his listeners to get out of the country because the Denver Post is reporting that there are 200,000 Russian troops in America. I have previously reported on government documents which demonstrate that FEMA reached a bilateral agreement Russia to bring in 15,000 Russian troops.

I also believe that there are Russian sleeper cells located throughout America based upon reports from Russian defectors and eyewitnesses such as Dr. Susan Helman of Gatlinburg, TN.

But to leave the country based on the erroneous reports of a talk show host would be a gross mistake.

The Russian media immediately interviewed me after I reported on this story in an attempt to discredit me and cover their true intentions. However, there is no report from the Denver Post claiming 200,000 Russian troops are in America. There will be no direct military invasion of the United States until some other things occur such as a series a false flag attacks, declaration of martial law and the use of foreign troops (e.g. Russia, China) to quell any civil disturbances following the false flag attacks or following a currency collapse. Following the complete subjugation of the American people, there could be an invasion of the US by Russia and China if WWIII were to break out. But leaving the country for the hysterical claim of 200,000 Russians ready to invade in a moments notice, would prove to be a fool’s errand.

Are there other reasons to leave the United States and take up residency abroad? There does appear to be several valid reasons to do so. For the time being, put aside your English/Russian dictionary as we process the reasons for possibly wanting to expatriate.

Many Have Already Left

An expatriate who has left America for the greener pastures of Germany, has written to me over a dozen times telling me to get out of America while I still can. I freely admit, that on the balance sheet, the reasons to leave outweigh the reasons to stay. And the reasons to move our children away from the growing tyranny in this country are even more numerous. However, our enemy calls themselves the New World Order for a reason. It may be possible to move to a place like Norway and get some temporary relief, but in reality, you would only be staying one step ahead of the burning bridge.

Last year over a 155,000 Americans expatriated to foreign countries, mostly for economic reasons. I have bad news for these people.You expats may have temporarily escaped high taxes and over regulation from the federal government, however, when, and not if, the dollar collapses, all foreign currencies will collapse as well and you will be trapped in a foreign land. I do, however, agree that there are some valid reasons, at least on the surface for leaving.

Do It For The Kids…………

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via Is It Time to Leave America, While You Still Can? | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show.

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