It’s Talk Show Radio the FCC is REALLY After…

By Judi McLeod Friday, February 21, 2014

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn

Dress newsroom monitors of the Obama Regime’s FCC in jackboots and military caps when they come to invade because the “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs” (CINS) they proposed last May is truly all about image.

Why are they sending monitors into the newsrooms at this particular juncture of the Fundamental Transformation of America?

Because it shores up Obama’s Marxist fear factor. We’ve got ObamaCare, ready to be propped up with pictures of dogs, cats and other pets in a $1 million advertising campaign aimed at the same young people, dubbed “knuckleheads” by Michelle Obama. We’ve got ‘Braggadocio


bigbrowatch (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)





Barry’s increasingly loud boasts that he’s got a pen and a phone with which to circumvent Congress.

The Marxist march through all of America’s public institutions is now ready to place a jackbooted-presence down at your local radio and television station.

Here’s the hidden message: Run, hide, cower under the nearest desk, CINS is on the way.

When the KGB and the Stasi invaded the news rooms of Russia and Germany, they killed off any who showed resistance. In their mad, unquenchable thirst for power the Obama Regime thinks its people are already dead.


gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


In their warped Marxist way, they can always frighten to death any of those those still kicking.

CINS is only the fear factor of the Marxist way being made manifest.

This is the transparency that is there for those who want to look the latest move of the Obama regime right in the face: They want you to feel boxed in. They want you to feel trapped.


rprprprp (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)






They want you to believe you are the flies trapped in the capped bottle with no way out. They want you to stop believing in yourself and in your family and friends. They want you to believe you have no right to find any of the few jobs left because Uncle Sugar can look after you right in your own home. And what they want most is for you to stop believing in God, believing instead in the power of the regime.


realobam (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)






In other words, CINS fits like the snug proverbial glove in Obama’s shock-a-day trademark style.

Finding transparency clearly shows they already control the media and have done so ever since Senator Barack Obama came into the Oval Office.

“In a controversial move, the Obama administration is looking to send the FCC in to investigate how the media chooses stories.” (Fox News, Feb. 20, 2014)

What a joke! The regime already knows how the media chooses stories, in fact in the case of the alphabet networks it already chooses the stories for them with zero complaints for the past five years.

That camel nose we only now see poking into the news tents has been there all along.

The same media shysters who welcomed Barack Obama as a rock star Savior of the Poor and Downtrodden back in 2007, are the same pipsqueaks who couldn’t form a single-word question when Obama boasted, “I Have a pen and a phone”.

“Why?” “How Constitution-respecting is that?” were the two questions that went media unasked.

Obama puppets always……….

EXCERPT   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via It’s Talk Show Radio the FCC is REALLY After.





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