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The newly released interview video below with Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen on the Hagmann and Hagmann report is a bombshell discussion about America Under Seige.


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We can clearly see now via all of the signs surrounding us that America is entering ‘the terminal phase’ of our transition into complete totalitarianism. This interview reminds us that the chaos that we now see growing across our planet is ‘neither spontaneous nor by accident’.

This plan has been perfectly orchestrated and is now being carried out by the ‘global elite’ who’ve long maintained a goal to put into place a ‘one world system of governance, currency and even religion’. Even the most skeptical Before It’s News readers can no longer deny this evil agenda.


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America is racing toward a totalitarian abyss so deep that revolution from within, by those who want to preserve our inherent freedoms, seems inevitable. What could act as such a flashpoint? Tune in tonight to hear Steve Quayle and Greg Evensen lay it all out in one of the most critical programs ever broadcast.


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FLASHPOINT: Gun confiscation is here

FLASHPOINT: The militarization of local law enforcement is here

FLASHPOINT: Drones of death

FLASHPOINT: The purging of our military

FLASHPOINT: Ritualistic humiliation of U.S. citizens

FLASHPOINT: Pursuit, marginalization and neutralization of political dissidents

FLASHPOINT: Intimidation and neutralization of whistleblowers

FLASHPOINT: The orchestrated collapse of the U.S. dollar and our sovereignty

FLASHPOINT: The war against the U.S. Middle Class

FLASHPOINT: The integration between police, intelligence agencies and financial institutions (too-big-to-fails) for surveillance

FLASHPOINT: CIA involvement in foreign unrest

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