President Obama Accuses Republicans Of Wanting To Segregate Homosexuals

President Obama Accuses Republicans Of Wanting To Segregate Homosexuals

Political Realities ^ | 03/02/14 | LD Jackson

Posted on Sunday, March 02, 2014 8:36:37 AM by LD Jackson

The First Gay President Demonizer-in-Chief

I have said many times, President Obama is good at what he does. And what does he do, you may ask? He divides our country, stirring up hate and strife wherever he goes.

He uses the same tactics on every issue he addresses. It matters not if he is talking about income inequality or the rights of homosexuals, he always uses the same kind of inflammatory speech to stir up his captive crowds to action.

Remember how he sent his minions out to the personal residences of certain CEOs, right after he took office? He had them whipped up about the amount of money the CEOs were making, saying it wasn’t fair. That was his first salvo against income inequality. He is doubling down on that issue since he was sworn in for his second term, hence his push to raise the minimum wage.

Homosexual rights is another issue on which he has stepped up his attacks. Remember now, his position on homosexual marriage has “evolved”. He was against it during his first presidential campaign. He has since realized the error of his ways and is pushing as hard as he can for their right to be called normal. This push contains the same divisive speech patterns he always uses. Did you know Republicans are trying to segregate homosexuals? That’s a new one on me, but that’s what the man is saying. I found this on Weasel Zippers, who has a picture of Obama up, calling him the “Demonizer-in-Chief”. A more apt description can not be found. I shamelessly borrowed that picture for this post.

Washington Examiner -President Obama in a speech on Friday hammered Republicans who oppose gay rights, saying that some of them wanted to “legalize segregation based on sexual orientation.”

“In some states, they’re so far in the past they’re even pushing laws to………………….

EXCERPT   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via President Obama Accuses Republicans Of Wanting To Segregate Homosexuals.





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