Thomas R. Horn — The Mark of the Beast is Here, Part 16


By Thomas R. Horn

March 2, 2014


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During the past century, knowledge has increased exponentially, and the Internet has enabled us to “travel” at the speed of light. We live in the final days of planet Earth as we know it. Our world is bombarded with chemtrails and electromagnetic waves.


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Our foods and animals have been genetically altered, the air poisoned with radiation and heavy metals, and my genes and yours are held together only by the grace of God.

The Human Genome Project, intended to finish in fifteen years, instead announced completion only thirteen years into the work. If you read summaries and reviews of that work now, you’ll find many arguing that the announcement came prematurely—that the entire sequence had not fully


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been read. Thirteen is a number repeated again and again in occult circles. It is considered the number of rebellion, an unlucky number. Osiris was torn into fourteen pieces: thirteen plus his reproductive “member” (reconstructed by Isis and used to impregnate herself and then give birth to Horus).

Do a search in the daily news for the number thirteen, and you will be amazed at how many times it occurs. Could it be that the HGP leaders arbitrarily stopped at thirteen and “rested,” announcing their victory to the world, or is it possible that the number was craftily chosen as a nod to spiritual influences and masters?

The announcement ushered humanity into the post-genomic era


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and engendered the question: Who owns our genes? According to the final Human Genome Publication (No. 12), published in February 2002, the “First International Conversation on Enviro-Genetics Disputes and Issues,” sponsored by the Einstein Institute for Health and Science, met in Kona, Hawaii. The meeting took place in July 2001 and was attended by more than eighty judges and forty scientists—all there to discuss the legal and ethical ramifications of the Human Genome Project’s results.


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These legal and scientific experts joined together from all over the world to dissect the New World Order of the post-genome era. Shortly thereafter, attendee Justice Artemio V. Panganiban of the Philippines presented a paper with the assigned topic, “Paradigm Shifts in Law and Legal Philosophy,” in which he recounted some of the opinions expressed during the Kona conference.

Justice Panganiban’s comments succinctly summarize those of many globalists:

I believe that the major transformational shifts in the world have been brought about mainly by the informational and technological revolution unfolding even now as I speak. I refer to computerization, minuterization [sic], digitization, satellite communications, fiber optics and the Internet—all of which, taken together, tend to integrate knowledge on a worldwide scale. This international integration of knowledge, technologies and systems is referred to as globalization.

Amazingly, Panganiban has here distilled this section so far in that knowledge, travel, and commerce have increased exponentially since the turn of the twentieth century. He goes on:

Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter of Harvard Law School, says that modern…………………….

EXCERPT  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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