Which False Flag Event Will Be Used to Usher In Martial Law? | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show…

Which False Flag Event Will Be Used to Usher In Martial Law?

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Dave Hodges March 12, 2014 The Common Sense Show false flag goering Before World War III can be fought over Ukraine, Syria and Iran, the people must be brought to their knees because no rational person would participate in the coming world war.

As I have pointed out in the three previous parts of this series, the specter of World War III is well within sight.


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The sides are drawn and the relative strengths of each side are established. Each side is jockeying for position as they will attempt to maneuver the other side into bringing their adversary to the battlefield of their choice.


In short, the world is poised to begin a prolonged conflict which will


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destroy economies, devastate entire regions of the world and it will in all likelihood, kill billions of innocent people. The men behind the curtain will end the conflict at a time of their choosing in order to usher in their New World Order complete with a new global fiat currency, a supranational military force, complete authoritarian control and a justice system which deals decisively and brutally towards all dissenters. In short, all who participate in what is coming will actively contribute to their own demise. As with most societies which are being led to destruction, there is a very predictable course of events. A series of false flag events are initiated in order to usher in complete governmental control and all opposition is eliminated under martial law. And martial law normally precedes a war in which the citizens are forced to participate.


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False Flag Event – Martial law – World War III.

The Endgame

Although this is a different topic for a different article, if one wonders what life will be like for those who survive the coming World War III and the preceding martial law, I would suggest reading everything you can get your hands on with regard to Agenda 21, for phase one, and transhumanism, for phase two of the New World Order. The question for this article is “Which false flag strategy will usher in martial law”?

False Flag Events Before Martial Law

Any discussion, except for the fact that false flag events are coming, is supposition to some degree. However, there is enough historical precedent in this area, to accurately determine that these coming events will follow a very narrow path of possibilities. The following represents my choices as………….

EXCERPT  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ginger Cat = False Flag…..Marines+Ginger Cat+ We Are One

  2. It will happen when you least expect it!

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