NSA Hacker Brags About How “Cool” And “Awesome” Spying On Innocent People Is

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NSA Hacker Brags About How “Cool” And “Awesome” Spying On Innocent People Is

Latest leak exposes how government agents “hunt” network system administrators to get data

Steve Watson
March 21, 2014

The latest leak to come from the Edward Snowden treasure trove of NSA documents shows how those working for the NSA really feel about spying on people who have done nothing wrong – they love it.

Public comments by NSA officials usually run along the lines of how unfortunate it is that the agency has to collect so much data and analyse it to look for bad guys. However, in private, as we will see, some who work for the NSA think it’s actually a great thing because it means NSA can spy on whoever they want, whenever they want.

The following screen shot emphasizes this, as one hacker working for the NSA literally brags about how good he thinks trawling masses of data is, describing the ability as “down right…

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