How Water Will Be Used to Subjugate America | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

How Water Will Be Used to Subjugate America

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Dave Hodges


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April 5, 2014

The Common Sense Show

water wars

Let’s assume for a moment that in the unlikely event that the Ukrainian crisis is mitigated without escalating into World War III, we have another dire set of circumstances which have been created that will force the world into conflict.


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Let’s further assume for another moment that in the highly unlikely event that the sheep are awakened in this country and America is able to be restored to a previous era of prosperity and relative self-determination, water will be used to enslave the United States. In other words the globalist banksters will keep coming after us until they get what they desire.


A Two Pronged Approach to Enslaving the US

As one examines the trend curve with regard to water, it is apparent that water scarcity will be utilized to manipulate the American people into total bondage under the globalists who have created the shortages in the first place.


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In phase two, nation will be pitted against nation in a desperate attempt to promote war between nations as a means of achieving planetary unification. Very soon, America will be forced into water wars in order to secure the precious asset of water for the people. This will force our people into more wars of occupation in a search for water. Meanwhile, every nation that America conquers, is one less country that the bankers have to worry about taking over.

This article will focus exclusively on the banksters efforts to enslave the United States through the manipulation and control of water. Part two will cover how water will be used to create wars of unification on the way to the establishment of the New World Order.

Agenda 21 Rears Its Ugly Head

water shortagesAs any aware person knows, Agenda 21 is being used as a front for the purpose of increasing the bottom of line of select global corporations.


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Global consumption of water is doubling every 20 years, more than twice the rate of human population growth. Also, according to the United Nations, more than one billion people already lack access to fresh drinking water. If the current trend continues, by 2025 the demand for fresh water is expected to rise by over 50% more than the amount of water that is currently available.

In no way, is the United States immune to this dire set of circumstances. By 2030, 47% of the world’s population will be living in areas of high water stress, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Environmental Outlook to 2030 report. Subsequently, analysts worry that wars of the future will be fought over blue gold, as thirsty people, power-hungry politicians and greedy corporations battle for dwindling resources.



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Governments and military planners around the world are aware of the impending problem; with the US senate issuing reports with names like Avoiding Water Wars: Water Scarcity and Central Asia’s growing Importance for Stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan. With rapid population growth, and increased industrial demand, water withdrawls have tripled over the last 50 years, according to the UN.

Red Alert: Water Withdrawals Are Taking Place In the US Right Now…………

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