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By David Stockman

David Stockman’s Contra Corner

May 14, 2014

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Nigeria has been a failed state of corruption, outlawry, civil war and unspeakable violence and cruelty for decades. Literally millions have been starved, maimed and butchered owing to ethnic, tribal and religious clashes. And billions more have been stolen from the nation’s long-suffering people by government officials, the military and oppositionists alike in what is surely the most corrupt nation on earth.


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In this context, the latest episode involving the kidnapped school girls is just another tragic eruption of the anarchy which is Nigeria. But it is also none of our business, period. Parachuting American forces into this chaos would be an act of sheer madness. Yet that’s exactly what Senator McCain is loudly proclaiming he would do if he were President.


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Below are his exact words, and they bristle with imperial arrogance. To be charitable, this nonsense might be dismissed as the ravings of an old man who has gone off his meds.

But I think not. Washington has become an Imperial City and looks upon the rest of the world as provinces to be managed and pacified by American dollars, diplomacy, legionnaires and drones. Senator McCain is simply crude enough to express this deplorable beltway ethos baldly.


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Needless to say, Imperial Washington has taken the nation’s foreign policy deep into the zone of folly. This has been exemplified most recently by our senseless intervention in Libya, near-miss invasion of Syria, continued destructive economic sanctions against 76 million innocent citizens in Iran, the drone war on Yemen and the sheer lunacy of our maneuverings in Putin’s backyard………….

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