the True Premises Vis-a-Vis the Obama Regime that NY Post Still Refuses to Acknowledge

the True Premises Vis-a-Vis the Obama Regime that NY Post Still Refuses to Acknowledge

Ann Barnhardt Blog ^ | June 9, 2014 anno Domini | Ann BarnhardtPosted on 6/10/2014, 9:53:05 AM by Repent and BelieveNow, let’s go through and list the true premises vis-a-vis the Obama regime that NY Post still refuses to acknowledge:


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A. The Obama regime is the explicit, sworn enemy of the former United States and is at war with it. B. The Obama regime is explicitly allied with islam as both political systems seek to create a super-rich tyrannical oligarchy over a massive, destitute underclass. C. The Libyan incursion and establishment of a beachhead and depot there in March of ARSH 2011 was done specifically to arm muslims throughout Africa and Asia, and eventually Europe, who would overthrow secular governments and advance the reforming of the Caliphate, as well as fight against and kill US military.



The Taliban being armed with these munitions isn’t a “backfire” or a bug, it’s a feature and the original goal. D. The Obama regime is happy to see highly-skilled elite forces, such as SEALS, Rangers and Marines killed because they know and fear that such men MAY ultimately be counter-revolutionary and/or junta risks.


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Remember the “SEAL Team 6″ massacre of 30 of the US’s top fighting men, packed, against protocol, into a mere National Guard cargo Chinook, and delivered on a platter for the kill by the Taliban, five months after the Libyan weapons depot was established. E. The Obama regime looks forward to the inevitable use of stingers and MANPADS against passenger jets – because that’s precisely what MANPADs are designed for – and will use the terror and “crisis” to expand its power. F. The Obama regime never had any expectation that the released Taliban


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5 from Gitmo would do anything but be immediately freed to return to the front. They were released because the Obama regime is allied with and deeply sympathetic to the musloid political system.I think that probably covers the above NY Post piece. Only when you operate under the previous TRUE premises can TRUE conclusions be reached. If you start with a false premise, the truth table is utterly corrupted, and thus all output flowing from said truth table will be false. If you take the latest Fields Medal-winning mathematical dissertation and begin with the premise that 0=1, you can still run all of the equations… it’s just that the results will be utter, complete gibberish. And if you try to use that gibberish in an applied field, like physics, your structure will collapse and everyone in it will die, because REALITY ALWAYS WINS….


via the True Premises Vis-a-Vis the Obama Regime that NY Post Still Refuses to Acknowledge.

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