Marine Imprisoned in Mexico: “Get Me Out of Jail” [LETTER]


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Marine Imprisoned in Mexico:

“Get Me Out of Jail” [LETTER]

Conservative Tribune ^ | June 12 2014 | Conservative TribunePosted on 6/12/2014, 11:47:46 AM by PoloSecAfter being rightfully raked over the coals for negotiating with terrorists for the release of a traitorous American soldier, President Obama proudly defended his actions by stating that the United States doesn’t leave a man behind.Apparently that principle doesn’t apply to Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.


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Sgt. Tahmooressi has spent the last two months in a Mexican jail for making a wrong turn and crossing the border into Mexico. He has made several pleas for help that have fallen on deaf ears.It seems that some of the motivation for the president’s illegal trade was to distract Americans from the endless scandals plaguing his administration. Perhaps if he would’ve freed Tahmooressi his ploy would’ve been successful.Sgt. Tahmooressi recently wrote the president asking him to do his duty as Commander-in-Chief and get him out of jail.From Daily Mail, via Right Wing News:‘Mr. President, you are my Commander in Chief. Please get me out of jail.’‘I want him to get involved.



He was involved in helping to free a prisoner of war, and that is how I feel I am being treated.‘I am able to cope right now, but I want out. This has gone on too long. I am innocent and have done nothing wrong.’Reports indicate that Tahmooressi was tortured during his time at the La Mesa prison, which makes it all the more critical to get him out now.‘While he was at the La Mesa jail where he was first held he was tortured, brutalized and victimized,” said Mrs Tahmooressi.‘He was stripped naked and chained to a bedpost. When they undid the chains he was so weak he could not walk.


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At one point he was shackled to a bed with a four point restraint. That is not right. No soldier, no person should have to endure that sort of treatment.’Sadly, since President Obama doesn’t seen any political benefit to getting Tahmooressi released from prison, he’s likely to sit on his laurels and do nothing.Obama’s lack of action here is just further evidence of his disdain for the military, which in recent years he’s made quite clear. He continues to fail at his duties as leader of the armed forces, which is all the more reason to impeach him.


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The bottom line is the president needs to bring this young man home now.Please share this article if you agree that President Obama needs to take action to free Sgt. Tahmooressi from a Mexican prison right now.

via Marine Imprisoned in Mexico: “Get Me Out of Jail” [LETTER].

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