The Scourge Of Islam Facilitated By American (Western) Academia:Earth Shattering Blow Back…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

MUCH has been written at this site (and elsewhere) regarding a multiplicity of betrayals attributed to American (western) academia. In this regard, their poisonous influence is, after several decades of infection, bearing fruit from various explosive directions. Blow back.

INTRINSICALLY, if not for said fatal flaws, the west’s foundations would be sufficiently grounded to weather the upcoming (non “global warming”) storms. Sheer force of will may not be enough to beat back what is hurtling in America’s direction. Other western countries will be similarly affected. But this commentary is laser-focused on American academia (Israeli academia is a mirror image, but let’s not digress), as this subject matter is hardly news on this end. 

AT the same time, before we proceed, an educational grounding in the red/green alliance is mandatory scholarship. Stipulated, radical leftist profs, in collusion with their Islamist helpmates, are the main indoctrinating forces on U.S. campuses. Without their nexus this topic…

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