Obama’s quarantine remarks draw fire from military spouses

Obama’s quarantine remarks draw fire from military spousesThe Hill ^ | October 30, 2014 | By Kristina WongPosted on 10/30/2014, 12:30:58 PM by Oldeconomybuyer…


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The president’s comments sparked immediate criticism online, including from military spouses who said soldiers were also “volunteers” whose time away from family and loved ones was not any less valuable than for civilian volunteers.”

The President’s comments on the differences between the quarantine policies for members of the military and civilian volunteers seemed to dismiss the fact that every member of military has, indeed, volunteered to serve,” said Rebekah Gleaves Sanderlin, Army wife and board member for the Military Family Advisory Network.”


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In pointing out that the civilian volunteers would be sacrificing time away from their families, the President failed to consider that military members also have families and in this, our 13th year of war, most have already sacrificed years away from their homes and the people they love,” Gleaves said.Susan Reynolds, an Air Force spouse and columnist whose husband is based at Fort Bragg in North Carolina and is deploying to Liberia on Saturday with Army soldiers, said she was also offended.”We are an all-volunteer force.

To say that we’re not volunteers as well is insulting to us. To say that those healthcare workers’ time with their families is more valuable than the time that my husband spends with me and our son — it’s very insulting,” she said.

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