Police State USA: Florida Police Make False Accusations of Child Sex To Illegally Confiscate Property



No one likes a man who tries to meet up with young teens online for sex. We call them child sex predators and we jail them, send them to headshrinkers, and put them on sex predator lists.

There’s is some evidence surfacing that Bill Clinton, law professor Alan Dershowitz, and England’s Prince Andrew are all child sex predators. That evidence comes form the Epstein teen sex slave case.

But this post is not about the rich and famous. It’s not even about child sex predators. It’s about the despicable acts of the Tampa, Florida police department to set up men on child sex predator charges.

Why frame men like this? To boost arrest totals and to confiscate their property, which the law allows.

The Communists in Soviet Russia framed dissidents and sent them to gulags to stiffle dissent. We’re not far from that totalitarianism in the former USA, now the…

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