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Michelle Obama in Her “Black Widow” Dress,

Presidential Inauguration Acceptance Speech – 2008

Recently, a brother in Christ drew my attention to a video that has been posted on YouTube which mentions many seemingly disparate events, drawing spiritual messages from them.

Although I do not perceive the same messages the video’s creator sees in many of the events mentioned, I was drawn to three particular items mentioned in the video, and decided to take a more in depth look at them. They are the redecorating of the Old Family Dining Room in the White House; the theft and recovery of the #44 Phoenix race car in Atlanta; and Madonna’s fall at the Brit Awards.

Let me at the outset state that I am not presenting a prophecy here. What I am sharing are meditative reflections on current events. We live in an hour when the world is seething like a pot which is about to boil over. There are certain things I am certain of. America will soon experience a governmental crisis and cease to exist as a democratic republic. Great economic collapse is coming to America and Europe and will affect all nations. Civil unrest will be a reality in nations that have known relative calm for generations. Martial law will be declared. Many people will suffer loss of livelihood, of property, and even of their own lives.

Yet, trying to forecast how these things will play out, and to identify what specific events will serve as triggers, is not a precise science. Unless a man or woman receives a specific word of revelation from the Father, the best they can do is to remain alert and vigilant. We should not be sleeping at this hour. We should be……………MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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