Lee Duigon — Is It Time College Went Extinct?

By Lee Duigon

March 19, 2015


You’d think, with all the higher education that has piled up a student debt of over $1 trillion nationwide, that America’s college students and graduates would be pretty well educated.

Sitting in the classroom for another four, five, or six years after high school, they must be learning something.

But among the things they’re not learning are literacy, including the ability to follow simple instructions, practical math, and “problem-solving in technology-rich environments,” which means they have computers available to help them solve the problems—this according to an international study by the Education Testing Service, the folks who administer the SAT.

ETS tested persons aged 16 to 65 in 23 countries, and in every category, American “millennials” (born after 1980) came out on the bottom of the heap. Even sixtyish Americans did better. In fact, our current college crowd did so badly, that a spokesman for ETS called their scores “abysmal.”

American public education, the costliest in human history—isn’t it just grand?

As bad as it is, our university system is not entirely to blame. By the time kids get to college, they’ve had 13 years in public school—13 years of being told “Good job!” whenever they don’t fall out a window, 13 years of learning about gender choice, Kwanzaa, Global Warming, sexual techniques, America-bashing, Christianity-bashing, self-esteem, etc. Meanwhile they carry a knapsack full of books home every night—except for the “sex education” textbooks, which school officials don’t want parents to see—so they can try to homeschool themselves. After 13 years of this, they get a high school diploma and go off to college.

No matter how much money we pour into the public schools,…………MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via Lee Duigon — Is It Time College Went Extinct?.

We have lost sight of how wretched man really is. “And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? None is good, save one, that is, God.” All of us, apart from Jesus, are bad to the bone. We need to return to a Gospel that continually reminds us of this fact.

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