Gov. Palin: Hypocritical media should go after law enforcement official who released confidential Duggar report

Sarah Palin Information Blog

Video retrieved from iizthatiiz.

Governor Palin talked with Sean Hannity last night about the liberal hypocrisy and double standard in attacking the Duggar family over their son’s youthful transgressions while lauding Lena Dunham for similar ones.  She said the media should instead be going after the law enforcement official who released the confidential report that revictimized the young women in the Duggar case.  She said the release of that confidential information was political because the Duggars are a conservative family.

When asked her opinion about the slate of candidates for the 2016 Presidential election, she said that the deep bench of Republican candidates was good for competition.  She expressed her opinion that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic Party Nominee and said that Democrats are sheeple and like to follow one leader.

Notably, Hannity did not ask her whether she planned to run or not, which is probably a…

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