On this day in history – Future Edition.

On this day in history – July 23, 2015:

On this date in 2015, The Obama began what would be hailed as the final phase of his fundamental transformation of Amerika.

Without as much as a peep from the “loyal opposition” The Obama advanced his assault on the Constitution by continuing to write his own laws and treaties and by re-writing existing immigration law in his own image and likeness.

It was a bloodless coup, directed by his long-term consigliere……….MORE!!!!!!!!!


val jar barry phone“Got that Barry?” “Yes Mommy.”

and executed with nothing more than this pen and and his phone – again, thanks in large part to the complete lack of resistance from the opposition party.

Within 2 years The Obama had managed to complete the transformation of America with a “c” – a majority white nation whose Constitution was based on Judeo-Christian values – to Amerika with a “k” – a minority white nation based on a blend of Marxist social justice and Muslim sharia.

Four years later, shortly after anyone still foolish enough to call themself a journalist was thrown in jail, and all of the outspoken

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