Sarah Palin on Donald Trump: ‘Thank God That He’s Running’

Sarah Palin on Donald Trump: ‘Thank God That He’s Running’

Breitbart ^ | 3 Aug 2015 | Michelle Moons

Posted on 8/4/2015, 2:33:22 AM by Red Steel

What started it all? Trump had simply said he would “love” to have former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin serve in an “official capacity” in the event of a Trump Presidency and this week the Governor herself joined the radio program.


Trump’s praise for Palin made its way across national and international media and entertainment outlets including CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, Fortune, Time, Washington Times, Washington Post, New York Daily News, local outlets, TMZ, E! and Cosmopolitan to name some as the comments went viral.

“I absolutely respected even more his boldness for being so candid about his opinion of me,” Palin said of Trump’s candidacy and comments as someone who says she does know Trump well.

She said Trump is “calling it like it is” as he is “not a politician.”

He’s gonna tell the truth and not couch all of his answers with some poll-tested, kind of namby pamby, vanilla flavored answer to anything. He’s going to be candid and he’s going to be candid and tell you what he thinks, what his solutions are and that’s so refreshing in politics.

He’s bringing issues that need to be talked about to the forefront of national debate Palin said.

“You’re never going to find a perfect candidate,” Palin told Scholla and …

I thank God that he’s running. He’s stirring it up. He’s coaching, he’s educating the other candidates, letting them know this is how you tap into the good part of a populist movement, these are the issues that the people are talking about, jobs, industry, the competition for our jobs via illegal aliens coming over open borders. All those things that Donald Trump has taken on, well the other candidates now, they have to step up their game.

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