Barack Obama — the best friend of America’s Muslim enemies

Barack Obama — the best friend of America’s Muslim enemies
Renew America ^ | September 26, 2015 | Tim Dunkin

Posted on 9/26/2015, 6:15:22 PM by Yashcheritsiy

With the passing of another week, we have seen yet another manufactured controversy involving Donald Trump – this time involving his “failure” to “correct” a questioner at a campaign even in New Hampshire who asserted that President Obama is a Muslim. The media went into spasm of joy over this supposed “gaffe” that they are now assuring us will doom his presidential campaign.

Turning aside for the moment from the possibility that the questioner was actually a serial Democrat plant who makes a habit out of trying to moby Republican events, the question he asked reignited the debate over whether Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim. While dismissed by left-wingers with a “Pshaww!”, this is actually an interesting question whose answer helps to explain why Obama does some of the things he does, and helps us to better understand, and thus develop defenses against, the many dangerous things he has done to weaken this country, both at home and abroad.

It should be pretty obvious to anyone who knows anything about it that whatever else he may be, Barack Obama is not a Christian. He has never professed a genuine Christian testimony of repentance and salvation. He demonstrates no evidences of a changed life (“by their fruits ye shall know them…”). He hasn’t regularly gone to church since leaving the congregation of “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright and his anti-Christian socialistic “liberation theology” doctrine. His support for a plethora of extremist left-wing social positions ranging from abortion on demand to gay “marriage” to radical feminism marks him out as someone who hates God. So he certainly is not a Christian.

Is Barack Obama a Muslim? You have to admit, he definitely has some tendencies in that direction. Start with the fact that there are little things that seem to indicate some Muslim piety on his part, such as how he takes off his wedding ring during Ramadan (which many devout Muslims will do as part of the fasting ritual) and how he basically ignores Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter while giving official recognition at the White House to Muslim festival such as Eid al-Adha. Then there are the weird little “slips of the tongue” that many have made so much about. Remember when he Obama supposedly gaffed by talking about our 57 states? This wasn’t really a gaffe – there are 57 member states in the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, a group that encompasses nearly all Muslim majority countries in the world.

Likewise, remember when Obama “misspoke” about “my Muslim faith” in that interview back in 2008? That’s a rather odd slip of the tongue for someone to make if they weren’t trying to mask that they were Muslim, don’t you think? While they might misspeak during an interview, I just couldn’t see Mike Huckabee or Franklin Graham or some other prominent Christian personality accidentally saying “my Muslim faith” before quickly correcting themselves. That’s the sort of fumble a person makes when they’re trying to hide something.

Even if he isn’t a Muslim, it’s still quite obvious that Obama prefers radical Islam over America, and is doing everything he can to strengthen the former and weaken the latter. He has appointed radical Muslim supporters of Islamic terrorism to high positions within his administration. He is in the process of helping Iran obtain nuclear weapons. He has consistently lollygagged in his supposed “war against ISIS,” and has even helped to allow American weapons to fall into the hands of ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq. At the same time, he has consistently refused to provide support to friendly, non-radical Muslim groups in the area such as the Kurds. He is also distancing us from the one sane, non-Muslim nation-state in the region – Israel. On and on it goes. One gets the feeling that if this were anybody but Obama, they’d be sitting in a cell in Gitmo while awaiting trial on charges of providing material support to terrorists.

But what really tops this all off more than anything else is the decision – against the wishes of a majority of the American people – to bring in thousands of “Syrian refugees” (who are neither Syrian nor refugees). The European experience is already showing us the folly of doing this. First of all, most of these “refugees” aren’t. These are not families seeking protection from a dangerous warzone. Indeed, most of these “refugees” (better than 90% of them, by some estimates) are military-aged males who have not been shy about saying that they’re there to conquer Europe for the caliphate. Already, there have been riots by “refugees” and attacks on native European civilians in Hungary, Croatia, and elsewhere, and in Germany, the male “migrants” are raping the female ones and even selling girls as young as 13 years old into prostitution. Wisely, many European countries are halting the influx, and several are either building walls to keep them out, or are seriously considering doing so.

Consider this also – earlier this month, the Greek coast guard interdicted a ship that was carrying thousands of weapons and tons of ammunition that was on its way to Libya. It is suspected that the weapons were meant for ISIS, which has greatly increased its presence in Libya, and which is apparently planning on using the country as a jumping off point for infiltrating terrorists disguised as “migrants” into Europe. It should be noted that for years, Italy and Greece have had to deal with thousands of illegal “migrants” a year attempting to sneak into their countries after having crossed over from Libya. Europe has suffered all manner of ill effects from the massive Muslim influx – from child prostitution and slave trading in Britain to the “rape jihad” in Sweden to murdered critics of Islam who exercised their freedom of speech in Holland.

This is why the plan to bring in tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of “refugees” from the Middle East is so dangerous. If the demographic patterns hold, the vast majority of these will not be families – women and children – but will be military-aged males who will be joined to the already burgeoning population of Muslims in America – a population of which 51% believes we should be ruled by shari’a law, and nearly a quarter of which thinks that violence against “infidels” is acceptable. There are already many places in America where Muslims (illegally) enforce shari’a law on Muslims and non-Muslims alike, just as they do in places all across Europe. Don’t forget about Islamberg, New York, whose residents have been video recorded engaging in paramilitary training with automatic weapons and military fatigues.

Let us be frank – it there is one thing that we do not need more of in America, it is Islam. Likewise, we don’t need more Muslims coming in, many of whom will almost assuredly be embedded terrorists waiting for their orders to strike. We’ve already had enough problems as it is with Muslim “refugees.” Remember Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston marathon bomber? He and his family were “refugees” from Chechnya who were radicalized in a mosque right here in America. Indeed, the list of Islamic terror attacks in the United States goes back as far as 1973, resulting in dozens killed and hundreds injured, often horrifically. We don’t need more of that. Refusing to import tens of thousands of “refugees” (why can’t they go to rich Muslim oil states like Saudi Arabia or the Gulf kingdoms?) is a good way to help stave off at least some future terrorist acts.

“But,” you might say, “most Muslims aren’t terrorists! They’re just peaceful folks like you and I who want to live their lives in peace!” Okay. That might well be true. But remember that 25% or so in America cited above who think that violence against “infidels” is permissible? How many of them might well act on that, if radicalized like Tsarnaev and others have been? If even 10% of America’s nine million or so Muslims were seriously ready to commit a violent act if called upon, you’re looking at 900,000 people who will walk into a shopping mall while wearing a bomb vest or who will pick up an AK-47 provided by ISIS operatives and go shoot up a church or an office building or an amusement park.

And therein lies the rub. The reason we should treat Muslims differently is because they ACT differently. While there may be a few individuals in every group who will flip their lids and commit acts of violence, these other groups are nevertheless not systematically prone to that sort of violence. Not so for Islam. Islam, as a theological and sociological system, teaches violence against people who are not Muslim. This teaching is inextricably embedded in the Qur’an and in the ahadith – the foundational texts of Islam. Despite what modern apologists may say, violent war against the infidel and subjugation of those who refuse to convert to Islam has been the consistent interpretation of these texts that has been held by Islam’s own scholars and commentators all throughout its history. There is simply no intellectually honest way to get around that fact.

And so, when we import thousands of military-aged males from warzones in the Middle East, we are likely bringing in a disproportionate share of individuals who will hold to that understanding of Islam and jihad. Which means we are setting ourselves up for a lot of trouble later on.

This brings me back to Barack Obama. Everything we’ve seen of him to date suggests that he is not really the enemy of radical, violent, terroristic Islam. He does everything he can to help them. The Russians and the Kurds are having to do the heavy lifting fighting ISIS that we should be doing, because he has dawdled along and done as little as humanly possible to fight his so-called “war” against ISIS. And now he wants to bring in a population that is almost guaranteed to have terrorists sprinkled in with it. And to top it all off, his “Just Us” department has spent years training American law enforcement agencies at all levels that the “real” danger is from these conservative Christians and orthodox Jews…the exactly same groups of people with whom Islam finds itself most at odds. You see the effects of this training every time a Muslim commits another terrorist act on our soil – even when the perpetrators shouts “Allahu akbar!” as he guns people down, the police consistently find his motive to be inexplicable, while being sure to inform us that it’s not “terrorism related.” The head is corrupt, and everything below it is as well.

Which brings us to the question of what We the People should do if we find the pace of Islamic terrorism accelerating as Obama imports terrorists from abroad and as resident Muslim radicals become more emboldened by the blind eye that the government turns toward them? The answer to this question is that we have to be ready – and willing – to pick up the slack. We need to arm ourselves as heavily as possible, and we need to organize ourselves to be ready to respond in case of Islamic terror attacks in our communities. Does that mean we should form…that dreaded word…militias? Absolutely. The people of this nation ARE the militia, both by historical precedent and by the law. We should definitely band together to protect ourselves from Islamic terror attacks. If the police won’t do it, then we will have to.

Further, we need to be organized. One of things that we must consider as a possibility for the future is that Islamic terrorism in the United States may intensify from the occasional pinprick attacks such as we have seen to more serious and long-lasting armed incursions. This is not outside the realm of possibility, as the Beslan school siege in Russia and the prolonged attacks and sieges in France and Australia have shown. We could well see sustained and prolonged terror attacks by Muslims in the United States. Our communities should have the means to quickly get the word out about a violent attack and have preparations in place to respond to it quickly and effectively so as to neutralize it as rapidly as possible.

America is in a fight for her life. This fight is made more difficult by the fact that our so-called President gives every appearance of being on the other side. It falls, therefore, to We the People to do what we can to try to hold together America’s social fabric until we can see some sanity restored to our government.



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