America’s collective Stockholm syndrome

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……….Stockholm syndrome, resulting from fear, loss of freedom and complete government control, was responsible for seemingly decent people becoming followers of fascism. It seems to be necessary for the promotion of a close relative of fascism, modern American liberalism. A well-known radio personality and author wrote the book “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” I have associated liberalism with malignancy. It is obvious that liberalism is a multi-system disease of such pathological impact that adherence to it can only lead to the decay and death of our republic.

It can cause any of us to develop a transient case of the Stockholm syndrome. It is only by understanding this pathology and vigorously defending our freedom that we can prevent ourselves from slipping into this syndrome permanently.Our president and his People’s Party are bribing Americans into accepting complete dependence on the government for everything from health care to jobs in exchange for votes and perpetual power, using fear as a catalyst.

If we are not able to understand their true motives, this syndrome will result in our irreversible servitude to the political elite and may even lead to the nightmare of overt fascism.Ronald Reagan said: “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”


Apparently, at least for some people, dependence on government help is terrifying enough to cause nightmares! Through my personal, but thankfully brief confrontation with mental illness that fateful morning,

I finally understand the reason that seemingly intelligent and rational people support Chairman Obama. It took a very bad dream, a short period of early-morning psychosis and the ranting of two liberal bigots to help me see the truth. I can only hope that reflective and intelligent people will finally realize what they’re slipping into before their nightmares become a permanent reality……………………..


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