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Honoring The Fallen (Islam and America Are Incompatible)
American Rattlesnake ^ | September 13, 2016 | Gerard Perry

Posted on 9/13/2016, 9:22:35 AM by OddLane

CNN is one of those ubiquitous aspects of the American soundscape which I’ve always looked upon as part of our gradual cultural decline. Whether you’re in a dentist’s waiting room, or simply passing by a restaurant on your way home-as I was this weekend-you can’t help but overhear one of that network’s correspondents, news anchors or hosts do their best KCNA imitation.

The fact that so many millions of Americans unconsciously imbibe its propaganda on a daily basis merely illustrates how difficult it will be to craft a counter-narrative to the open borders, liberal interventionist propaganda which shapes our government’s domestic and foreign policies. To successfully deprogram the people who are barely aware of the deliberate, pernicious bias which animates the media will be a monumental task. However, on September 10th I inadvertently watched something of inestimable value on that network, an interview of Howard Lutnick.

The CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, a company which lost 658 employees during the 9/11 massacre, including Mr. Lutnick’s brother and best friend, he is a living reminder of the determination and compassion embodied by New Yorkers and Americans. I couldn’t watch that interview without tears welling up in my eyes, because I viscerally remember the horror of that day, as well as the weeks that followed. Although I’m blessed not to have lost any loved ones or friends that day, the desolation and despair those attacks left in their wake, the incalculable human grief and misery they inflicted upon this city and our nation, couldn’t help but make a permanent impression upon my psyche…

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Source: Honoring The Fallen (Islam and America Are Incompatible)

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