Did Federal Reserve engineer market crash to hurt Trump?

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The current stock market downturn appears timed to help the Democrat Party by scaring investors into rejecting Donald Trump on the grounds he’d trigger a crash if the Republicans win the White House in November.The Dow Jones fell again Tuesday this time over 250 points due in part, to fears of a rate hike at the Fed policy meeting next week.

These market jitters may well have been calculated for effect, and engineered by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen in a bid to save her job from Trump who has vowed to get rid of her if he’s elected.Trump has been harshly critical of Yellen, recently telling CNBC that far from being independent, Yellen takes her marching orders directly from President Obama. He says she “should be ashamed of herself…because she’s obviously political and doing what Obama wants her to do.”

He says she’s kept rates artificially low to prop up stock markets thereby making her boss look good. If she’s capable of that, she’s certainly capable of manipulating markets to make a potential upstart like Trump look dangerous. Talk of hiking rates has spooked investors and could serve the Democrats politically by…… MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Did Federal Reserve engineer market crash to hurt Trump?

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