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What Colin Powell Cares AboutRush Limbaugh.com ^ | September 14, 2016 | Rush LimbaughPosted on 9/14/2016, 6:16:59 PM by KaslinBEGIN TRANSCRIPTRUSH: I told you long ago, folks. I observed long ago — I got in deep doo-doo for this, too, and I said things you’re not supposed to say. These Colin Powell emails and this massive email dump here, the latest from WikiLeaks, a lot of people think the email dump contains very damning messages, information, attitudes, opinions about Hillary Clinton from General Powell.But I think there’s an overall larger concern, and that is that Colin Powell is primarily interested in maintaining good standing with the people that run the establishment inside-the-Beltway and New York. The Boston-New York-Washington corridor, the social status. You’ll notice where all these leaks happen. They happen at parties in the Hamptons. All these comments are made while General Powell is socializing with the elites and the people in the upper stratosphere as they socialize, and that has been his objective from the moment he became prominent in public life.In other words, he’s profoundly concerned with what people think of him. A lot of people are, don’t misunderstand. A lot of people are. But General Powell does not have that normally said about him. He is viewed in other ways. I just think you have to understand that if you want to understand how and why General Powell says the things he says about the people he says it about.BREAK TRANSCRIPTRUSH: Okay, the latest WikiLeaks document dump features emails of General Colin Powell and Secretary Colin Powell weighing in on aspects of Hillary Clinton.The U.K. Daily Mail has a story, and it’s headlined: “Hillary Clinton ‘HATES’ President Obama for Defeating Her in the 2008 Election,” according to Colin Powell’s leaked email. She “was so sick giving paid speech[,] she could barely walk up steps.” So, according to General Powell, Hillary Clinton is sick, she is tired, and she hates Obama because he beat her in 2008. And I have no doubt about that. I think it goes deeper than that. You have to go back to 2008.You have to relive that 2008 was supposed to be what’s happening this year. There wasn’t supposed to be an Obama. There wasn’t supposed to be anybody come along that could seriously compete. It was hers. She had been guaranteed. She’d been promised. She’d been told, “Hey, 2008? It’s yours! That’s when we’re paying you back for everything you’ve done to help us,” with whatever she did, keeping her husband alive and all those things by not leaving him. And then Obama surfaced.And it was so clear, so obvious that a majority of Democrats wanted him and not her. That had to be such a blow. In her mind, she has single-handedly saved the Democrat Party by standing by her husband, and it’s more than that. She thinks she’s single-handedly saved the party ’cause she’s the smartest woman in the world and therefore in the party. To be thrown overboard like that for a young — what did Biden say? — “clean and articulate black guy.” Biden… That’s what he said, right? So to be overthrown by a clean…That really ticked off Al Sharpton. He takes showers, too. To lose to “a clean and articulate black guy,” when it was hers? She felt betrayed. She finally found out what some in the Democrat Party really think of her. Then Obama came along and was 10 times as dazzling and exciting and thrilling and attractive as she has ever been. This is an ego business, and I will guarantee you that that hurt and it ticked her off.She probably experienced a gamut of emotions. So I’m not surprised when I see Colin Powell writing how she hated Obama, but I think it’s for far more than just she lost to him. It goes deeper than that. I know then you’ll say, “But, Rush, I’ve heard this. I’ve heard if from you. I’ve heard… Then why did she accept secretary of state? And if Obama hates her and she hates Obama, then why did Obama go to the convention and say everything he said about her being more qualified than anybody ever has been?”Well, that’s a different world those people live in, and the one thing that has to survive and triumph at all times is the ideology: Liberalism. The Democrat Party must always win no matter what. They’re not like the Republicans that are willing to sell the party out on what they say is principle or whatever. Democrats, ain’t no way they’re losing no matter what. And if there’s bad blood between Hillary and Obama, they’re gonna deal with that behind the doors and we’ll never see it. It’ll be dealt with, or a huge price will be extracted.”Hillary, you want me go out there and say what everybody knows is not true, how good you are? Let me tell you what it’s gonna cost you, Babe,” stuff like this that we’re never privy to. And this is we’re talking about the Clintons. Who knows what they’ve got on people! I mean, these are the people the 500 FBI files. This is different air they breathe, folks. This is rarefied air when you get to that lev

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