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The Trump Campaign Is Sneaking Up on the People Who Don’t Understand It

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| September 15, 2016 |

Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 9/15/2016, 7:54:56 PM by KaslinBEGIN TRANSCRIPTRUSH: The polling data today continues to roll in. We have audio sound bites coming up. We have some people who think that the race is over. It’s essentially over. Let’s start here with… Grab 20 and 21.

We’ll start with Frank Luntz. Normally, what I would do is tell you that I’ve got these and then I would wait ’til they come up naturally, but I’m not gonna make you wait. This is Luntz last night with O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor.Question: “What do you think about the CNN poll just released about Florida, Trump 47, Hillary 44?”

By the way, speaking of which, I have to correct myself on something. We had a call within the last couple of weeks, somebody asking me about third parties, and I said, “Nah-nah-nah. Third-party candidates are always going to hurt the Republican.” It’s not the case. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, is taking major votes away from Hillary, ’cause he sounds more like a lib.He sounds more like Bernie Sanders than he sounds like a Libertarian. He is, actually — according to polling data — taking votes away from Hillary. There are a lot of things lining up here that are shocking, surprisingly, and stunning to the political scientists and analysts that we’ve all become accustomed to and familiar with over the last 20 years.

Anyway, here’s Luntz. O’Reilly says: CNN poll, Trump in Florida 47, Hillary 44. “It seems like the trend is everywhere. Trump’s gaining, Hillary losing.”By the way, she was losing before Sunday.The Drive-Bys are trying to say, “It’s just a temporary blip and it’s all based on the video of Hillary having the seizure.” And another thing. You know it could well be that she hasn’t seen that and some of the comments that she and Bill have made, maybe they haven’t seen that video but everybody else has seen it.

Maybe that’s why there’s such a disconnect with what they’re saying versus what people think is wrong with her. So, anyway, then Luntz cites the Monmouth poll: 66% of Trump supporters are appalled by Hillary. They’re so appalled by Hillary, they’re gonna support Trump until the end. Frank Luntz, what’s going on here?LUNTZ: I believe that the polling is going to move even further in Trump’s direction over the next 72 hours because of what happened this weekend. They don’t like her insults. They don’t think she told the truth about her health. We see this trend everywhere. If Donald Trump can continue his discipline and continue his focus on policy without the traditional insults? You’re gonna see him go ahead in states like Iowa, you’re gonna see him catch up in New Hampshire — and the state that I’m watching in particular, Pennsylvania.

I am convinced that he’s gonna start to close the gap there as well.RUSH: Let’s not forget Colorado. We had this news yesterday. Back on August 4th, Hillary was up 12 to 15 in Colorado, and they were saying it’s over, and Hillary pulled her people out of there. They stopped their ad buys. They stopped spending any money whatsoever in Colorado, and they were running around proclaiming, “Colorado’s finished. We’re done there and we’ve won it and we don’t need to pay any more attention to it or spend anymore money.”And Trump is up. And like Luntz says making moves in all these other states — particularly Pennsylvania — that a lot of people thought was impossible. Here’s Alex Castellanos next sometime a, uhhh… sometimes Republican establishment strategist. And he was on Bloomberg TV, All Due Respect, last night, and during a discussion of polling data and the race, this is what he said…CASTELLANOS: (echoing)

When you look at the real numbers in these states, though, you know, we’ve seen numbers with Trump up in New York, he’s up in Ohio, Pennsylvania, tight. We had numbers that say that. So, yeah. I wonder if this race is not already over and maybe Trump has won this thing. You know, both these candidates have huge negatives. You’re trying to burn down the same house twice. I’m not sure it will change anything, but there’s an element underneath all that, a desire for change.RUSH: It’s not underneath. There is a desire for change. It’s not underneath anything. It’s front and center.

Now, don’t… Folks, don’t go off the deep end here. This just his opinion, Castellanos. He’s okay. He’s a nice guy. He gets upset when I don’t talk about him, gets upset when I do talk about him or mispronounce his name. He gets upset when I say things. I don’t know. He used to call Kit all the time. Every time we talked about him, he’d call Kit.”You guys!” He’s okay. He’s fine. He’s an establishment guy. Watch, he’ll probably disagree with that. I don’t know who he can call now. Ha! Ha! Anyway, he says it may be over. Now, don’t… Don’t let all this change your attitude. You Trump people need to continue to act as though you’re a startup –……MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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