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The Racist Colonial Marines
9/15/2016 | self

Posted on 9/15/2016, 9:30:57 AM by fruser1

During the War of 1812, the British enlisted the aid of black Americans to join them in the fight. These regiments were called the “Colonial Marines”, some of which fought on the side of the British during the attack on Ft. Mc Henry, where Francis Scott Key was inspired to write The Star Spangled Banner.

The song had four verses, the first of which is what is typically heard when the anthem is played. The third refers to “hirelings and slaves”. While this may refer to the Colonial Militia, it could refer to the fact that the British commonly employed mercenaries in their conflicts and, in the 1812 time period, were impressing American sailors into service.

This last was, in fact, one of the main reasons for any popular support of the war at the time. In its conflict with Napoleon’s France, the British often captured American merchant vessels and forced the crews into military service since, as far as they were concerned, they were still British subjects.

The British Empire had colonies around the world, where they allowed slavery until abolished in 1834, with certain exceptions for the East India Colony. In case you didn’t know, America was originally a British colony. As such, all slaves in the Americas were British property, through their colonial subjects. In 1812, those who still viewed America as British, by definition, believed that American slaves were British slaves. For joining in the fight, they would be compensated with liberty in England.

This act marks the Colonial Militia as perhaps the most astounding hypocrites in history. Instead of supporting other slaves, for their own selfish desires, they were taking up the cause of a country that was instituting slavery worldwide.

What a bunch of racist bastards!


Source: The Racist Colonial Marines

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