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.Warning signs the government wants to get youMainestategop ^ | Brian BallPosted on 9/15/2016, 9:06:55 AM by mainestategopIts something most Americans don’t think of… They don’t realize that the government that rules their state and municipality is danger to them.

Many don’t realize the need to fear government. In fact many Americans today, thanks in part to brainwashing by public schools, revisionist history, pop culture and other things welcome bigger and more powerful government.The government is worshiped by liberals and many mainstream Americans have been conned into worshiping this false idol, whether or not they know it. For many hapless victims, they find out too late to do anything to stop the government from robbing them and taking advantage of them. Your money, your life, your home your family, all that can be lost in an instant if the government should come knocking at your door.Ronald Reagan said it best…

The greatest thing Americans should fear is a knock on the door and a reply, “I’m from the government, I’m here to help!” And whether or not you accept that help, your gonna get it!!!Before going into the warning signs, let us examine the possibility that the government is out to get you. What are the characteristics that could make you a target for the government? Consider the following traits that could make you a target for government tyranny: You or your spouse are disabled and/or elderly and hold a substantial bank account in the amount of $2000 or more

(NOTE THAT EVEN LOWER AMOUNTS CAN GET YOU IN TROUBLE) You or your spouse are disabled and elderly and hold a total number of assets and real estate in six or more digits You own or have owned in the past one or more firearms You are a regular attendee and devotee of a church or religious institution that is considered to be outside the mainstream and/or has been labeled either lunatic fringe or racist If you have a psychiatric record If you have a relative even a distant relative with a psychiatric record Your beliefs are incompatible with post-modern secular humanist libralism You have a collection of firearms and weapons You reside in a state that is Democrat or is Republican but run by RINOS

Your home state’s tax rates are staggering Your local or state law enforcement agencies have documented incidents of brutality and corruption You have liberal relatives or parents who object to your conservative or religious views Your state has a high level of poor uneducated immigrants with socialist worldviews Your state has a high rate of poverty and government is large or in the process of growing larger

You are an activist who owns a website and/or blog that is conservative or are active on blogs or organizations that are conservative If you have ever been a critic of a popular politician or bureaucrat If as a child you were abused mentally, physically or sexually by relatives, guardians, schools teachers or any employee of the government or were bullied as a child If you’ve taken part in a civil suit or criminal trial as either a plantiff, witness or aided for the prosecution against a popular liberal or a government employee

If you’ve ever taken pictures of police officers or government employees without their permission You or your spouse have a relative who has performed any of the above You or your spouse have been or are against any gangs, mafias, syndicates or similar organizations that practice criminal behavior either as a law enforcement officer, lawyer or informant or have been found in contempt by said groups You have relatives who are on the hit list of criminal organizations You own property of value in six digits Your children attend a failing public school in a Democrat area If you home school in a Democrat controlled areaIt seems much doesn’t it?

But its only scratching the surface. In fact for any reason or even no reason, government can come down on you and attack you or your loved ones. A lawyer sometimes isn’t enough to get you out of it too! In fact many work for the government!So what are the signs that you and your family are heading for disaster at the hands of Barack Hussein Obama’s henchmen? There are several red flags to show that the government wants to rob you and your family of their life liberty and happiness.1. A mental health check up or an appointment with a psychiatrist

One of the first ways the majority of difficulties with government starts is with an unexpected appointment with a psychiatrist or mental health worker or for that matter, anyone with a connection to a mental health service provider. This could also include a social worker or sometimes even a police officer.In this case, you find by surprise that a “concerned parent or relative” or a judge has scheduled an appointment for you at an outpatient clinic. In some instances, victims have been deceived by family that they were going someplace nice and find…………. MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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