FBI Agents can Pose as Journalists…

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FBI Agents can Pose as Journalists…
US News & Worl Repost ^ | 15 September 2016 | Alan Neuhauser

Posted on 9/16/2016, 8:12:21 AM by ManHunter

FBI agents may impersonate journalists while conducting undercover investigations, and an agent who posed as an editor with the Associated Press during a 2007 investigation did not violate agency policies, the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General found in a report released Thursday.

The conclusion sparked consternation across social media by journalists, civil rights groups and some legal experts, who have argued that the practice – by its very existence – threatens to heighten public mistrust of reporters, damage journalists’ credibility and have a chilling effect on sources and whistleblowers who may fear that their contacts in the media are actually undercover agents

Source: FBI Agents can Pose as Journalists…

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