After Birth (Snopes blames Free Republic for birther movement)

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After Birth (Snopes blames Free Republic for birther movement)
Snopes ^ | 9/16/2016 | David Emery

Posted on 9/17/2016, 7:03:06 AM by grayboots

CLAIM: Hillary Clinton and/or members of her 2008 presidential campaign started the “birther” movement questioning whether Barack Obama was born in the U.S.

FALSE ORIGIN:On 16 September 2016, after years of being the most visible and outspoken exponent of “birtherism” — the notion that, despite all evidence to the contrary, Barack Obama was born outside the U.S. and thus his presidency is illegitimate and his allegiances suspect — GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump stepped up to the podium at a televised campaign event and completely reversed his stance on the matter — but not before trying to lay blame for the long, drawn-out smear campaign on someone else.

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Source: After Birth (Snopes blames Free Republic for birther movement)

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