Rev. David Whitney — Transgender Battle – Where Wrong is Becoming “Right”


By Reverend David Whitney
September 18, 2016

This has been an interesting week. On Tuesday evening Joe and I had the opportunity to testify before the Anne Arundel County Council, commending them for the resolution they voted in favor of to inform the County School board that their new policy of boys in the girls restroom, locker room and sleeping arrangements was wrong headed and should be reversed.

A majority, four out of seven voted for this resolution.

Video of the sermon

The next morning I met with the County Executive’s Clergy Advisory Council on which I have the priveledge of serving. It is a rather diverse group including many “churches” and even an imam from the Annapolis Muslim Society. Which is kind of curious knowing that were he to follow the Koran, he would kill us were we not to convert to Mohamendanism. There among other issues discussed, several members brought up the issue of the County Council vote the previous evening on that resolution. These members stating that they strongly disagreed with the resolution on moral and ethical grounds. So let’s understand what this means – members of the County Executive’s Clergy Advisory Council are convinced on moral and ethical grounds that boys, who as we shared last week, are delusional and believe themselves to be girls should be allowed to compromise the safety and the rights of all the other girls by using their bathroom, locker room and over night accommodations. The tragic fact for me in this is that these are the leaders of congregations in our county and are quite probably teaching their own people this so called ethical and moral standard.

What has happened? How did right become wrong and wrong become right in the minds of these clergy members? It would seem that only one of two things can have has taken place.

First they may have rejected the doctrine of sin altogether. We know there are those in the world who do not believe that there is sin. The relativist claims that there is no absolute standard of right or wrong, its all up to the individual to decide for themselves. But that doesn’t seem to be the position of these clergy members. They were saying that there is a moral and ethical position on how to accommodate a boy who has the delusion that he is a girl; they claim there is a right way and a wrong way and that the County Executive and the….

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Source: Rev. David Whitney — Transgender Battle – Where Wrong is Becoming “Right”

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