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Why Things Always Go Wrong

September 15, 2016

Whispering Demon.jpg(left, the Demon) Things always go wrong because society has been inductedinto a satanic cult.

Things are meant to go wrong.

And they aren’tmeant to get better. by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, and sincerely hope I am incorrect. Things are not going to get better.

When you have the proper paradigm, you’ll understand why. We are all to varying degrees trapped inside a satanic cult. Things are not getting better because that’s not the way these cults work.In a satanic cult, things get worse.

Satanic cults are dedicated to increasingly controlling and exploiting their members by sickening or perverting them. (“US is One of the most Depressed Countries in the World”)Most bad things happen because we are living in a satanic cult, not because of random error. The “leadership” is chosen by their willingness to do evil: sell their souls to the devil and betray their fellow countrymen.

They are all high ranking Freemasons (Cabalists.) Cabalism or Satanism is the inversion of all spiritual ideals. Evil is good, sick is healthy, lies are truth, ugly is beauty, unnatural is natural. holyoowddbab.jpegGeorge Orwell said we can’t see what is in front of our nose. The materialism. The endless, heinous wars, currently in Syria and Iraq. False flag terror including 9-11.

The promotion of gender dysfunction. Anonymous sex. Family law. The occult takeover of pop music. The sexualization of children via “sex ed.” Television and many movies are an indoctrination into personal dysfunction and criminality. If you take your cues from society, you are likely going to be messed up.Let me grab a few examples from the headlines.

Dress codes in Britain will no longer correspond to gender. Boys can wear skirts to school. “Schools want to be more open to students that question their gender identity.” Four-year-old children are being given sex-change operations.

As a child, a friend hated dolls and liked action figures. It was a phase. She is a healthy happy woman today. But can you imagine if she were a child today? The Vice President, Joe Biden, makes pedophile comments to an eleven-year-old child.

A reader writes, “I slowed down that Biden clip a bit you posted on your twitter feed. I am almost 100% certain that he initially says to the girl in whispers “By the way, do you know how horny I am…” At the end, it almost sounds like her father says, “Let me know when you want her.”

I’m trying to remove the background noise, but there is so much unfortunately…It obviously looks like an Illuminati sex slave offering of some sort, really horrible stuff…

And they don’t even care if the camera is rolling, they are so secure in their power, they must be…


This meme shows how most people have been inducted into this cult. Hillary’s supporters have signed on to a “leader” who is a Communist, an obvious criminal, a mass murderer, and likely a satanist.

Brother Nathaniel says her occult agenda would qualify her for antichrist. Yes millions of liberals, including most of the social elite, support her.

Do I need say more? They are all active, even fervent, participants in a satanic cult. They don’t know it but they have actively and willingly embraced evil.

They are complicit.Trump is no better. Can we trust a Freemason who has hobnobbed with the Illuminati Jewish satanists all his life?

Yet, many of us have signed on to this branch of the satanic cult. Cast a vote for Trump because the Illuminati Jews appear to hate him. Treat it like a lottery ticket.

But don’t let them have your heart and soul too. That’s joining the cult. And don’t hold your breath. Nothing is likely to change. Would Ford move their small car production to Mexico if they were worried about Trump?…………………….


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