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By: Devvy
September 19, 2016

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The whole world knows Hildebeast Clinton had a serious medical incident on September 11th. There’s no question about it as video now watched by millions captured her at the sidewalk in a bad state where she literally went into a header and was then thrown into her medically equipped van.

We know Mrs. Clinton was not taken to a hospital but rather opted to have her van drive right by the nearest hospital to her daughter’s $9,250,000 apartment. Does that make any sense to you? A female with well documented medical problems literally drops at the open doors of her medically equipped travel van and instead of taking her to the nearest hospital she goes to her daughter’s place of residence?

Much has been made regarding another former tenant in the same building, Metro Home Services, Inc. Lots of claims it is a medical care provider there for Clinton.

However, when that company was in business their patients were seen off site at facilities. In 2013 MHS had merged with another and the new owners officially put out notification deluxe apartments would be available in the near future. Besides Chelsea’s apartment there are two others plus one deluxe condo. Those are the occupants.

That’s not to say some medical equipment might be housed in Chelsea Clinton’s apartment to accommodate her mother and her myriad of medical problems. Only those who have ever been inside know the truth.

What doesn’t make sense

In January 2000 I took my friend, Bill Benson, to the airport in Sacramento. The airport was absolutely packed. The line for Bill’s flight to Illinois was over 200 people. Bill was in a wheel chair so I stood in line with everyone hacking their brains out. Coughing, blowing noses. It was miserable to say the least.

The next morning I woke up I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was going to die. My late husband took me to UC Davis Medical Center ER while I waited 5 HOURS to see a doctor suffering the whole time. Incidentally, two Sacramento Kings players came in the ER (John recognized them being a fan). They waited five minutes and were sent in to see a doctor. I was not happy over that.

Anyway, the doc thought I had pneumonia, ordered chest x-rays, etc. Yep, I had it; got the prescription for antibiotics. For the next 10 days I suffered like a dog. Couldn’t breathe, just miserable. No way I could go to a big event two days after the ER like Hildebeast did at the 9/11 memorial. I could barely breathe never mind walk around or stand for more than two minutes at a time. I was 51 then and in perfect health (and thankfully still am). She is 68.

Now, Hildebeast supposedly was diagnosed two days prior to the 9/11 remembrance. Given antibiotics. Two days later after less than 40 minutes at the ceremony we see what happened. Is it not totally irresponsible to go into a crowd of people with her coughing problems and pneumonia? Not to mention she went straight to Chelsea’s apt after leaving the ceremony with a toddler and baby in residence. Upon decamping from Chelsea’s apartment, Hillary makes hay by inviting a little girl over so she can breathe all over that child while waving and telling everyone she was just hunky dorey.

If you haven’t seen the clip of ‘Hillary’ leaving Chelsea’s apartment, here it is.

According to her physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, Hildebeast was diagnosed two days earlier with a newly minted strain of pneumonia that apparently doesn’t exist:

Hillary Clinton’s Nonexistent Diagnosis – No Such Condition As “Non Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia” in ICD-10

“As you can see from the two-page letter presented today by Hillary Clinton’s doctor, she has been diagnosed with “mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia“. However, there’s a problem…”The International Classification of Diseases (ICD), an ObamaCare standard, is designed code all medical diagnostics. According to ICD-9 codes, and the more current ICD-10 coding, there’s no such diagnosis as “non contagious bacterial pneumonia“. Dr. Bardack…………… MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Devvy Kidd — Clinton Body Double: What Changed My Mind

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