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Who I write for (updated again)Sep19by Jon Rappoport

Who I write for (updated again)by Jon RappoportSeptember 19, 2016(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click here.)Independent individuals are priceless.I know they’re out there, because during the past 15 years I’ve been writing at NoMoreFakeNews.com, they’ve been reading my articles, signing up for the email list, and ordering my collections.

I know they’re individuals and independent, because I don’t write for The Group and I don’t support Group Think. I write against the grain of Group Think.I have no narrow ideology. I’m on the side of freedom.And I also know that, as the old saying goes, responsibility accompanies freedom. You make your choices and you accept the consequences.

Because I’m 78, I’ve watched successive generations of people become more gullible, more addled, as they’ve bought into various versions of the Great Glob—which is a collectivist counterfeit of “share and care” that leads to a dead-end of confusion and despair.

This grotesquery accelerated during the fabled 1960s, when the notion of tolerance was taken to such an extreme, people surrendered their innate sense of morality and opted to accept everything and anything as a version of love.When I began writing seriously, in the summer of 1959, the idea that I would focus on The Individual was the farthest thing from my mind.I assumed everyone was an individual. Case closed. Why bother to mention it? Why bother to think about it?Even then, though, a massive propaganda operation was underway. It was aimed at replacing the individual with the group. Some people call this cultural Marxism.

It’s much larger than that. It’s Collectivism at every possible level. It aims to eradicate the individual’s awareness that he is an individual. Why?

Because if he truly knows what he is, then he also knows that highly organized society is opposing him. It is dedicated to the creation and sustenance of groups. Groups are manageable. Individuals aren’t.Needless to say, much has happened since that time.Skipping ahead, by the late 1990s it had become apparent to me that many people were falling by the wayside. Their “universal tolerance” was a form of self-sabotage. They were sacrificing themselves on the soft buttery altar of “doing good.”

It was obvious to me, for example, that the notion of repairing all past injustices of society was a well with no bottom. It was a covert op. It was an attempt to entangle minds in a case of amnesia about individual power. Rather than trying to raise people up, it was a plan to victimize a permanent (and ever expanding) underclass.

I wasn’t sure my message about all this would reach many readers. I wasn’t sure what their reaction would be. But I didn’t care. I was motivated to make my case. So I did. So I do.And lo and behold, people have responded.

Over and above the nonsensical static of trolls and self-appointed victims, a wave of confirmation reached me. People were still there—as individuals. They knew it. They were seeing the demise of society around them.Beyond confirmation, though, what I was aiming at was (and is) expansion of individual power. Not just an acknowledgment of it.Power. Creative power.

The power of imagination. The capacity of the individual to conceive of his deepest desires, pursue them, and turn them into visible fact in the world. (This is shorthand for what I cover extensively in my collection, Exit From The Matrix.)Since I was a child and read great sea-adventure novels and science fiction novels, I assumed that fleshing out a vision of what one wants for his future was the obvious and standard enterprise for every person.

Of course, I was grossly overestimating the situation. But I never lost that fundamental understanding. And never will.Societal reality, consensus reality, “world reality,” is basically a gigantic covert op. It’s designed to keep the individual inside a set framework of response and consent. It is hugely destructive. As a reporter for the past 30 years, I’ve investigated many cases and angles of this op, and I’ve published my findings without compromise.

But always, above and beyond that, I’ve been referring to the individual and his capacity to create and build better realities of his own choosing. Gorgeous, free, open, unfettered, majestic realities.Consciousness.Freedom.Power.The individual.Imagination. Creating new realities.Society and civilization as a potential force for helping to liberate the individual.

Underneath all my articles, all my investigations into corruption and crime at the highest…………….

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