Obama: Why Is Donald Trump Co-operating with Vladimir Putin—America’s Enemy, While I’m Trying to Co

Barry Soetoro , Hillary Clinton are about as competent as they can get, utterly fit and qualified, and prove it by cooperating with Russian president Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov, America’s friends, to excise Islamic State from MidEastObama:

Why Is Donald Trump Co-operating with Vladimir Putin–America’s Enemy, While I’m Trying to Co-operate with Vladimir Putin–America’s Friend?

By Andrew G. Benjamin

Barack Obama (not his real name) joined the Hillary Clinton campaign before the results of the FBI’s soft-ball interview was revealed, that would, under ordinary circumstances, have resulted in an indictment and a long internment. The president assured us about the impartiality of the Department of Justice by saying he has no way of knowing the outcome. In the background behind the podium no one noticed the “Bridge for Sale” sign and Attorney General Loretta Lynch high-fiving the FBI Director.

Afterward, on the trail, the president (still not using his real name) slammed the contender on the other side of the political aisle, Donald Trump, for his friendly gestures toward a nation Barry (his real name) defined as “not America’s friend.”Not long ago the president informed the nation that CHANGE is coming our way, and he delivered.

While returning the bust of Sir. Winston Churchill to a nation formerly our friend, the memorial to a man who had the nasty habit of coming up with Inconvenient Truths, the president informed the world that our enemies, for example Iran and Russia, will henceforth become our friends; and our friends – for example Israel and the UK – will become our enemies.

So, our president represented by the former Secretary of State who intends to be his successor and who is about as qualified for the job as her husband is to fly the space shuttle, handed the Russians, America’s former enemy and now our friend, a RESET BUTTON resembling the detonator switch on an explosive device. The symbolism failed to excite interest.

What did elicit worldwide condemnation rather, was Donald Trump’s compliment to the man who outwitted the president whose father was a British subject – explaining the return of the Churchill bust rather well. Clearly, the president and his would-be successor never read the book by some rather unknown but successful New York dealmaker: ‘THE ART OF THE DEAL’.Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov was the good closer, the good dealmaker, meaning he read the book and got what he wanted, American defensive missiles out of Europe and the land formerly known as Crimea.

And his opponent who didn’t learn the lessons from the book got bubkas.Perhaps “nothing in return” was a stretch, for the SecState did return with a small jar of caviar. This Obama-Hillary “success” was predictably duplicated again, this time with the “GOOD DEAL” with Iran’s nukes that gave Iran what it wanted for nothing but a “promised” delay on its nuclear attack on Israel.

The delay is estimated to be about the length of an Oliver Stone film. That Iran Good Deal was preceded by another Good Deal – one might argue, even a better one – with North Korea that prevented that failed state from acquiring nuclear weapons. To this day, as you know, North Korea has no nuclear weapons.That good deal was negotiated by the husband of Obama’s choice for next president who told us then what the current president told us right after he closed on the Iran Good Deal:

“the entire world will be safer.”Obviously we are. You see, North Korea today said about its latest nuclear design after it was successfully tested, “As the weapon is standardized, we can produce as many as we need.”We are infinitely SAFER today because the current Democrat front runner’s husband, Bill Clinton, negotiated the North Korea GOOD DEAL yesterday.

The BBC reports about efforts to take our the Islamic State:“Few details of the US-Russia agreement have been given but, at some point, after a week of an………..  MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Obama: Why Is Donald Trump Co-operating with Vladimir Putin—America’s Enemy, While I’m Trying to Co

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