Ron Ewart — Will Americans Wait Until the Roof Caves In?…..  ~  “…The answer to that freedom does not rest with any one president. It rests entirely with the people, at any time and all the time. Should we not answer the call very soon, the good ship America will be lost at sea with all hands and the entire world will be the worse for it….”



By Ron Ewart
September 21, 2016

Yes, America is a nation of heroes and Captain Phillips of the Maersk Alabama is one of our brave Americans pressed into service when radical Islamic pirates threatened his ship and the ship’s crew off the coast of Somalia. And yes, his heroism was punctuated by the highly trained heroes on board the USS Bainbridge who in an instant took advantage of a split-second opportunity and killed 3 of the pirates on board the little lifeboat. They captured the 4th. Let us not forget the courageous crew of the Maersk Alabama whose bravery thwarted a full takeover of the ship by the pirates. A happy ending to an all-too-often event that is dismally short of happy endings.

Yes, we are a nation of heroes and all American citizens are being called on today to be heroes once more, at time when a radical ideology is working diligently towards the ultimate destruction of the good ship America, her freedom and her way of life, a nation that has been the beacon of hope around the world for well over 200 years.

But will good Americans wait until it is too late to become heroes in order to save the USS America from sinking into the briny deep of abject socialism, or worse, fascism? Even though our domestic enemy is but an ideology, (Progressivism) our current situation is no less dire than the one that Captain Phillips faced on the little lifeboat. What is even more disturbing, this domestic enemy known as Progressivism has been knocking on freedom’s door for no less than 100 years and they have broken the door down and infected the people with their desease. But we don’t have the highly trained heroes of our proud U. S. Navy to take down our domestic enemy when a split-second opportunity presents itself. We will only have the courage, commitment and determination of tens of millions of proud, free and brave American individuals, working side by side, to thwart this enemy, this false idea of international socialism that threatens our liberty and our very sovereignty.

Each American must ask him or her self, would he or she offer them selves up as a captive to the enemy in order to save other Americans (his crew), as Captain Phillips did? Would we do as he did in the face of certain death, jump overboard? Would we, when called upon, pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor as did the Founding Fathers, who but almost to a man, lost all three to deliver unto all Americans, our cherished gift of freedom and liberty?

After the timid, almost non-existent response to our last article An Open Letter to Patriots, Freedom Fighters and the Militia, we ‘re not sure. Sadly, only those who appreciate where we are as a country and as a people get it. The rest will eventually end up like the Germans and the Soviets in the 20th Century if we let it happen. The one response we did receive was from someone who knows first hand what happens to the people in a government that is born in, or morphs into socialism, communism, or fascism. In his own words he expressed the experiences he and his immediate relatives endured in one Soviet Block nation.

“Again you have written a great, great piece. It is to the point, factual and extremely emotional for the people that understand. I know what it is to live under a totalitarian communist government, thankfully not from direct experience but rather from my wife and her parents. My wife was born in one of those Soviet Block nations and her mother is Russian. Her mother was high up in the communist party during the USSR. I have had long conversations with them regarding life at that time. The only ones who had anything were the high government officials. You had to wait in line for an apartment sometimes for 5 to 10 years—and only then you would have to live where the government wanted and in an apartment of the size the government dictated.”

“I have lived in the vestiges of the USSR and I can tell you that there are so many little things that Americans take for granted, things that severely lower your standard of living that most people do not comprehend unless they were taken away. Simple things like having the government control the heat or water supply to your apartment. It doesn’t matter if you are cold or thirsty, when the government decides to turn it off it is you who suffers. I have had to walk up and down 9 floors to get food and have watched mothers carrying their children up and down 9 stories and elderly grandmothers walking up with heavy packages. My wife owns one apartment where the elevator has been broken down for 3 years.”

“I cannot believe that Americans really want that kind of life. The only thing I can surmise is that they do not understand the consequences, or they do not believe it can happen in America. They are wrong of course.”

“Your ‘open letter’ is so right on and I cannot express it strongly enough. Unfortunately I think that America will need to experience some dramatic and visible consequences before they understand the potential danger.”

Will Americans wait until the roof caves in and become like the people of 20th-Century Germany, or present-day Russia, or China and many other third-world nations living under socialism, fascism, or a dictatorship?

Yes, we are a nation of heroes and it is almost two and one-half generations of heroes that have freed over a billion people from slavery, that whose creativity, industriousness and productivity have raised many nations out of the clutches of poverty and whose generosity is unequalled by any other country on Earth. We are a nation of hope for the entire world. We have given a good portion of the world the knowledge, technology and resources so that many smaller nations may join us under the umbrella of freedom and prosperity.

But at any time in our 240-year history, we are being called upon as never before, to be the hero that Captain Phillips was in the days of his ordeal. We are being called upon to save our freedom, our liberty and our sovereignty. The answer to that freedom does not rest with any one president. It rests entirely with the people, at any time and all the time. Should we not answer the call very soon, the good ship America will be lost at sea with all hands and the entire world will be the worse for it.

Yes, we are a nation of heroes and our courage and our sacrifice are needed………………

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Source: Ron Ewart — Will Americans Wait Until the Roof Caves In?

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