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Bachmann: Minnesota learns no lessons from mall attack
WorldNetDaily ^ | 09/21/2016 | Leo Hohmann

Posted on 9/22/2016, 10:43:40 PM by Rusty0604

Minnesota’s St. Cloud community is still reeling from Saturday’s knife attacks that injured 10 people …

The city of 67,000 people sits 65 miles northwest of Minneapolis. It has been pummeled with Muslim refugees, mostly from Somalia, for more than a decade, and its citizens have been brow beaten into a form of politically correct submission to Islam, says former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

To say anything negative about Islam immediately gets you branded a bigot, a xenophobe, a racist or an “Islamophobe,” she said. It doesn’t matter that Islam is not a race or that the term “Islamophobe” was invented by the extremist Muslim Brotherhood as a tool to cast Western Muslims as victims of oppression………………

The fact is, Minnesota’s top politicians are more interested in pandering to the rights and sensitivities of Muslim migrants than in protecting the taxpaying citizens, Bachmann said.

“This terrorist murderer went to a refugee camp in Kenya, then won a lottery and came to the United States, was raised in St. Cloud and at 20 years of age was able to go to college,” Bachmann said. “He had a car and an iPhone, so where was the oppression for this kid? … It shows us that terrorism has nothing to do with what the Obama administration says, that they just need a job. No, this is about their belief system….

“The message that needs to be sent is there are those coming in from Somalia, Syria and elsewhere who believe it is their duty to uphold Shariah law,” she said. “We need to tell them they need to assimilate and follow American law; otherwise, they need to deport themselves out of the U.S. or be deported. Law enforcement needs to be told there can’t be any accommodation with Shariah law.”

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Source: Bachmann: Minnesota learns no lessons from mall attack

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