Pu$$y Posse Pounces on Wrong Perp!   ~   “…Are some pu$$ies more equal than others?…”


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Pu$$y Posse Pounces on Wrong Perp!
Canada Free Press ^ | 10/09/16 | Judi McLeod

Posted on 10/9/2016, 1:45:40 PM by Sean_Anthony

Are some pu$$ies more equal than others?

Rampant media foofaraw notwithstanding, Donald J. Trump, as it turns out, is not the leader of the Pu$$y Posse, because it is Barack Hussein Obama who holds that dubious honour.

The Donald doesn’t own the term “pu$$y”, and in fact when he was unknowingly recorded saying it 11years ago, it was intended only for Billy Bush’s ears.

Obama, on the other hand, openly bragged about Malcolm X’s use of the term in his book, ‘Dreams From My Father’ and did it with a noticeable chuckle in his voice during the 1995 Cambridge Public Library Reading Series…………………….

Source: Pu$$y Posse Pounces on Wrong Perp!


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