The Trump Coalition? Ask Rudy Giuliani

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The Trump Coalition? Ask Rudy Giuliani
American Thinker ^ | October 9, 2016 | Edvard Jorgensen

Posted on 10/9/2016, 1:48:58 PM by Kaslin

We long-time New Yorkers know well Donald Trump’s brand of conservatism. It is rooted in the working class districts of New York City outside the wealthy avenues of Manhattan. We also know that Trump can’t win unless he heeds the experience of Rudy Giuliani, who turned middle-class anger into Republican election victory in liberal New York City 23 years ago.

Trump’s base is the middle class/working class district of Queens, New York, outside the wealthier Manhattan centers of power. Queens is a bastion of the Democratic, and yet very conservative, families who go to Mass on Sunday and vote Democratic on Tuesday. They are “conservative” in a way we New Yorkers understand conservatism: valuing work, thrift, family, the local priest, and country. Queens loved Mario Procacino, a Democrat machine politician of the 1960s who mocked the East Side of Manhattan calling them “limousine liberals.” Nationally, Queens became famous in 1971 as the home to the sitcom “All in the Family”, featuring Carol O’Connor as a Queens working-class dad with gruff, New York style conservative values.

In this 2016 election, Trump has galvanized his “All in the Family: voters. They are at his rallies, give him a solid 40% in national polls, and have him leading is beaten-up states like Ohio. But these All-in-the-Family voters are alien to the intellectual elite of the Republican Party, the party’s wealthy establishment, and its core suburban homeowning voter. That makes hit hard for Trump to get the remaining voters he needs to win a national election. But there is a way………….

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Source: The Trump Coalition? Ask Rudy Giuliani


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