This election is about Good vs. Pure Evil | US Defense Watch   ~ by Ray Starmann…..   ~  “…This election is about more than Democrats vs. Republicans, even more than about Globalism vs. Americanism; it’s about good vs. evil, the light vs. the dark, angels vs. demons….”

by Ray Starmann

This election is about Good vs. Pure Evil


By Ray Starmann

The hand of God was on Mr. Trump last night.

Donald Trump walked on to the debate stage, savaged by the leftist mainstream media for his locker room remarks he made to Access Hollywood host, Billy Bush in 2005. Liberal and conservative pundits alike said Trump and his populist movement of deplorables was done. GOP hacks like Paul Ryan called for Trump to resign because he could never bounce back.

He did.

Trump is back and he’s got the Big MO again and he has goodness and the light shining right upon him.Trump hammered Hillary Clinton on a myriad of subjects ranging from her pathological lying, her criminal private server activities, her corruption, her record of incompetence while Secretary of State, her call for open borders and endless, unvetted refugees, her host of Wall Street backers, her disdain for the middle class and of course, her husband’s serial abuse of women and her participation in aiding and abetting his sexual crimes and peccadilloes.

Trump told Hillary if elected, he’d call for a special prosecutor to investigate her national security crimes and he’d personally throw her in the slammer.Hillary was on the defense most of the night, glaring daggers back at Trump with her Caesar Romero Joker smile. After nearly 23 years of literally getting away with every crime imaginable, someone has finally called out the Clintons for what they are; criminals, predators and dark blackguards that have hijacked a political party, the White House and the country.

This election is about more than Democrats vs. Republicans, even more than about Globalism vs. Americanism; it’s about good vs. evil, the light vs. the dark, angels vs. demons.

Mr. Trump, while flawed like all men, represents the hopes and dreams and aspirations of millions and millions of Americans who have been left behind in the dust by the global elite who are destroying this nation. Have no doubt.

Mr. Trump is on the side of the angels.The Clintons are evil incarnate. There is more than ample evidence that both Bill and Hillary Clinton are more than your average liberals who want to raise taxes and confiscate your firearms.Bill Clinton is a serial sexual predator who has been preying on women since he was Governor of Arkansas.

With his undertaker charm and Boss Hogg corruption, he is the living embodiment of Elmer Gantry’s evil doppelganger.And, Mrs. Clinton is worse than her ‘husband.’There are more than enough stories concerning Hillary’s psychotic episodes as First Lady, as a Senator, as Secretary of State; stories about her using foul language, screaming for no reason, throwing objects, her sick rejoicing in the deaths of foreign leaders, her vicious disregard for other human beings, which is on a level that is tantamount with the behavior exhibited by sociopaths.

Her behavior could also be construed as that of someone who is either mentally ill or one who is under the influence of evil entities, or both.I do not believe this is hyperbole. Hillary Clinton may very well be possessed.Besides Hillary’s own dark side, she is also a puppet of the globalists.

She will do and say whatever the global elite want her to do, which is the continued rape of the United States of America through open borders, wretched trade deals, outsourcing, an inundation of Muslim refugees and the invention of a New Cold War to placate neocon maniacs who also serve the globalists.In the next month, look for the globalists to pull out all the stops to try and destroy Trump.

There will be more active measures undertaken by the Clinton campaign, their minions in the media, all funded by Soros and Buffett and the bankers in their dark towers of hate and greed. There will be more claims of things Trump said and did decades ago.

There will be more contrived and rigged polls, and especially by CNN. There will be more faux outrage by Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash and the newest fallen angel, Megyn Kelly. There will be more lies and deception, for that is all they have to run with.The globalists will attempt to steal this election and if that fails, there is no limit to what they will do to stop Trump.

They will collapse Deutsche Bank, start a war with Russia or go after Trump himself. They are desperate because they know their time is running out and an awakened populace is marching against them. Freedom and goodness are lining up against evil.

Trump is the voice for the nation, a nation that is disgusted with the sickening, anti-family, anti-American, anti-God, liberal agenda: open borders and unvetted Muslim refugees and diversity to the point of death for a country; the Marxist destruction of our schools, the poisoning of our churches with their twisted doctrine, the complete and utter annihilation of the US military from the greatest fighting force on earth to nothing more than an asylum for lackeys, cultural misfits and social engineers.

Trump has started a movement that simply cannot be stopped. The global……………………………………

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Source: This election is about Good vs. Pure Evil | US Defense Watch


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