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…Why Trump Will Prevail“WE KNOW A DRAGON-SLAYER WHEN WE SEE ONE”by Joan Swirsky, ©2016(Oct. 9, 2016) — [Editor’s Note: The following article contains some material not recommended for children, albeit factual.]The Trump campaign should be throwing thank-you bouquets at Hillary’s minions for unearthing an 11-year-old video of the businessman speaking raunchily about women to Hollywood Access host Billy Bush.


1. It demonstrates the sheer panic the Hillary campaign is in at the devolving internal-poll numbers that show the ailing candidate barely keeping her [involuntarily] bobbling chin above the water line of decisive failure.2. It highlights the startling absence of the MIA candidate, who has not been seen since a campaign appearance in Ohio on October 3, leaving surrogates to speak in her stead. This strange absence, just weeks away from the vote for president, tends to confirm the suspicion that Hillary’s frequent symptoms of illness––spasmodic coughing fits, seizure-like head jerking, inability to ascend stairs without men gripping her arms, a left eye that turns involuntarily inward, episodes of freezing in mid-sentence––utterly disqualify her from the office she seeks, which demands top-notch physical strength and mental acuity.3. Speaking of acuity, we already know that Hillary’s judgement is gravely impaired.

Who else uses private servers that are sieves for our national security secrets; lies repeatedly and compulsively to camouflage her disastrous foray into Benghazi; was a central player in facilitating a deal, through the Clinton Foundation slush fund, that gave Vladmir Putin overwhelming control over the global uranium supply chain; and who chooses Sen. Tim Kaine as a running mate? Kaine is a man who writer Scott McKay describes in “The Kaine Scrutiny” as:…having “a history of anti-American radical leftism…for nearly 40 years,”…………….

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