Book Excerpt from “Forging the Hero” (SHTF)

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Book Excerpt from “Forging the Hero” (SHTF)
Mountain Guerrilla ^ | October 6, 2016 | John Mosby

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I’ve had a few emails in recent weeks, specifically asking about my apparent switch in focus from doctrinal SF UW, to more of a tribal angle. As one correspondent termed it, “You’ve gone from Guerrilla to Germanic.” As I’ve pointed out, in numerous examples, and in every one of my books, this is a misreading of the facts, and is a very narrow view of the subject.

Nevertheless, since it is apparently a commonly held belief among readers, I thought I would share a little bit about my reasons. In some ways, I have deviated from doctrine. The problem is that, at the strategic level,

SF UW doctrine is still a product of conventional military education and prejudices. It presupposes that bigger is always better, and the overall aim should always be the maintenance of the status quo within Western Civ/Culture. At the end of the day, SFODA are using local indig Gs to prepare the battle space for conventional force operations, either through the notional idea of turning the G force irregular INTO regular, conventional force units, or by creating enough of a “gap” for US conventional forces to enter the battle space with “boots on the ground.” Either way, the end game goal remains, “let’s build a cohesive, conventional force that can be controlled, or demobilized, depending on what we need, when we win.”

My goal of course, is not that. My goal is not to–nor has it ever been–to overthrow the government. My goal is to help people build resilient, survivable communities, and specifically, the ability to protect those communities from outside threats and internal subversion. So, we utilize the tactical aspects of SF UW doctrine (which is really just conventional SUT, applied in unconventional ways), to what Civilization would call “unconventional,” and the human experience

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Source: Book Excerpt from “Forging the Hero” (SHTF)


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