Hillary Clinton and ISIS are funded by the same donors


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Hillary Clinton and ISIS are funded by the same donors
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Hillary Clinton will do anything for a buck. That includes taking tens of millions from nations that hang gays and abuse women. It is claimed that Saudi is funding 20% of the Clinton campaign:

“Saudi Arabia always has sponsored both Republican and Democratic Party of America and in America current election also provide with full enthusiasm 20 percent of the cost of Hillary Clinton’s election even though some events in the country don’t have a positive look to support the king of a woman (sic) for presidency,” the report quoted Prince Mohammed as having said.

Saudi has also contributed as much as $25 million to the Clinton Foundation.  The Qataris have slipped the Clinton’s a few bucks as well:

According to the foundation’s Web site, which lists donors based on the amounts of their total contributions organized by ranges, the Qatari committee gave between $250,000 and $500,000. The Persian Gulf nation, known for seeking to build alliances in Washington by giving money to think tanks and other influential organizations, has given the Clinton Foundation between $1 million and $5 million over the years, according to the charity’s Web site.

In all, Persian Gulf sheiks have contributed about $100 million to the Clinton Machine:

A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation reveals that Bill and Hillary Clinton received at least $100 million from autocratic Persian Gulf states and their leaders, potentially undermining Democratic presidential candidate Hillary’s claim she can carry out independent Middle East policies.As a presidential candidate, the amount of foreign cash the Clintons have amassed from the Persian Gulf states is “simply unprecedented,” says national security analyst Patrick Poole.

“These regimes are buying access. You’ve got the Saudis. You’ve got the Kuwaitis, Oman, Qatar and the UAE. There are massive conflicts of interest. It’s beyond comprehension,” Poole told TheDCNF in an interview.

Overall, the Clinton Foundation has received upwards of $85 million in donations from five Persian Gulf states and their monarchs, according to the foundation’s website.

Anyone with half a brain realizes that this is an investment anticipating a return. Worse, we learn that Saudi and Qatar are actively funding ISIS- and Hillary knows it:

(Excerpt) Read more at floppingaces.net

Source: Hillary Clinton and ISIS are funded by the same donors


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