Media’s new fake horror: Trump threat to jail Hillary endangers democracy!


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Media’s new fake horror: Trump threat to jail Hillary endangers democracy!
Canada Free Press ^ | 10/11/16 | Dan Calabrese

Posted on 10/11/2016, 10:50:27 AM by Sean_Anthony

Leaving out an important detail or two

Part of me wonders if they would have done this without the p****-grab tape having come out first, but then the rational rest of me says . . . of course they would. It’s what they do.

I’m sure you’ve seen this, but just to set the context.

The freakout by the media is both predictable and uniform. A liberal Facebook friend put it like this:

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1 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:50:27 AM by Sean_Anthony

To: Sean_Anthony

The bigger threat to democracy is exempting the elite from laws.

2 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:52:21 AM by gogulls (frequent lurker since 2000 recount)

To: Sean_Anthony

Au Contrair mes amigos, allowing the Clintons to get away with crimes unpunished, threatens democracy.

3 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:53:02 AM by JPJones (George Washington’s Tariffs were Patriotic. Build a Wall and Build a Wall of tariffs.)

To: Sean_Anthony

Hillary Clinton is a criminal. Criminals belong in jail and should not be running for POTUS.

4 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:53:05 AM by jospehm20

To: Sean_Anthony

Some powerful political figures are more equal, comrades!

5 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:54:11 AM by mrsmith (Dumb sluts: Lifeblood of the Media, Backbone of the Democrat/RINO Party!)

To: Sean_Anthony

But the bitchlary loves wearing orange!

6 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:54:37 AM by Vision Thing (You know the depths of my heart, and You love me the same…)

To: gogulls

Tell that to those former IL governors who have gone to prison. He threatened an independent prosecutor who would present to a Grand Jury. That is how a real democracy works.

7 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:55:12 AM by Oldexpat

To: Sean_Anthony

Yep, another media twist of words and facts to denounce Trump. All Trump really said was that he would insist, albeit a shock, on enforcing current laws.

8 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:56:10 AM by 1Old Pro

If anything endangers democracy it is that a government corrupts the FBI to do their bidding, and just imagine if that corrupt person get’s to be the leader of the free world!

9 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:56:56 AM by knighthawk (We will always remember We will always be proud We will always be prepared so we may always be free)

To: Sean_Anthony
Some of those apocryphal “outraged” FBI agents should come forward now and help to put Hillary in jail. Under Obama it would not happen — so they stay silent. Under Trump it would happen — so speak your piece.He should also be very blunt about tracking down anyone who participates in voter fraud. High level or low level people, it should not matter. Jail them and bankrupt them. Make it clear. It’s a serious violation of the law, and President Trump will come looking for you.

10 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:57:13 AM by ClearCase_guy (Abortion is what slavery was: immoral but not illegal. Not yet.)

To: Sean_Anthony
What really endangers democracy:

  • Selling state favors for money
  • Fake investigations where everyone who is possibly guilty is granted immunity.
  • Allowing cabinet members to delete evidence AFTER a congressional subpoena.
  • Not properly vetting the eligibility of candidates for office.
  • Ignoring laws.
  • Not enforcing laws.
  • Allowing unrestricted immigration.
  • Ignoring immigration laws.
  • Gun Control.
11 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:57:35 AM by DannyTN

To: Sean_Anthony

If she goes down, imagine how many others (from both parties) she will take down with her.

12 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:57:36 AM by hsmomx3 (Love my Steelers!!)

To: Sean_Anthony

The media is still very afraid Trump can win…

13 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:57:44 AM by AngelesCrestHighway

To: mrsmith

Progressive/communists never do this, think Ted Stevens, Rick Perry or a long list of others. This will not end well, pray.

14 posted on 10/11/2016, 10:58:36 AM by phormer phrog phlyer

To: Sean_Anthony
Apparently it is only an outrage when it happens to democrats.

15 posted on 10/11/2016, 11:02:28 AM by Vince Ferrer

To: phormer phrog phlyer

W Bush certainly gave the Clinton’s a pass when he should not have.

16 posted on 10/11/2016, 11:02:50 AM by wastoute (Government cannot redistribute wealth. Government can only redistribute poverty.)

To: Sean_Anthony

If Hillary wins, she will be the first openly criminal President. Just as in a banana republic.

17 posted on 10/11/2016, 11:03:33 AM by Brilliant

To: Sean_Anthony

We’re not a “democracy”, we are a “Republic”.

18 posted on 10/11/2016, 11:04:03 AM by FrankR (You’re only enslaved to the extent of the charity that you receive!)

To: Sean_Anthony
19 posted on 10/11/2016, 11:05:18 AM by red-dawg

To: Sean_Anthony
Trump should not have to threaten Hillary with a special prosecutor and with prison.She should already be in prison.

Barry Soetoro has been completely derelict in his duties.

20 posted on 10/11/2016, 11:05:58 AM by NorthMountain (Hillary Clinton: corrupt unreliable negligent traitor)

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