Raging Bullsh*t in the Age of US Political Cage Fighting: The Feline Edition

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Raging Bullsh*t in the Age of US Political Cage Fighting: The Feline Edition
Justin Washington, The Blogger ^ | 10/09/2016 | Justin Washington

Posted on 10/11/2016, 3:10:20 PM by wayne_shrugged

The second installment of the Trump – Clinton political cage fight ended yesterday with the Clinton News Network (CNN) miserably depressed that instead of polishing Trump off decisively, Hillary, freshly sealed and waxed, allowed the brash New Yorker to live and fight another day . After the previous Friday’s convenient release of an 11-year secret recording of then registered Democrat Donald Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush, host of “Hollywood Access,” in which he made a reference to felines, Trump apologized twice: once for his crude language and the second time for once being a Democrat. The entire episode reminded Trump that the single biggest mistake he has and could ever make is trusting a member of the Bush Family — or the RNC for that matter.

At Trump’s crude remarks, Democrat critics — returning from local performances of “The Vagina Monologues” and screenings of “50 Shades of Grey” — clutched their pearls, swooned on their fainting couches and motioned for their spelling salts. For a group so eager to remind us all that potential First Dude Bill Clinton’s oral engagements while he was in the White House were “just about sex” and lying under oath about it therefore acceptable, they certainly do have delicate sensibilities. (Radical punk rock group “Pussy Riot” was not available for comment, however.). Before the debate, Trump appeared with a small gaggle of past Bill Clinton rape and sexual assault victims, attempting to imply that actions speak louder than words. During the debates, Bill Clinton appeared like a desiccated pickle and noticeably uncomfortable as he realized that a group of his unwilling sexual past conquests were seated a few rows away; he looked like he had gotten caught with his slick willy in the proverbial cookie jar.

After the debates, “Famous Actor” Robert De Niro released a video in which he acted and sounded like he suffered one too many head injuries while filming “Raging Bull” as he excoriated Trump for being unfit for the highest office in the land; it was particularly effective until remembering that DeNiro was reported as dismissing his buddy Bill’s oral activities as inconsequential. The Mainstream Media, however, are recovering and remembering their true mission: to destroy the Donald and insure that Hillary is properly coronated and installed in the White House (and Bill is chained to a post in the backyard).

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