RINOs are “blowing up” the Republican Party…Not Trump


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RINOs are “blowing up” the Republican Party…Not Trump
Canada Free Press ^ | 10/11/16 | Sher Zieve

Posted on 10/11/2016, 2:36:13 PM by Sean_Anthony

Look to Venezuela for your future under Hillary. As it is, under Obama we’re almost there. And…Hillary will provide the final solution

If ever there was proof that the establishment (aka “leftist”) members of the Republican Party are working with the Clinton Campaign, their faux horror over the Donald Trump male locker-room talk and huffy holier-than-thou departure from supporting him is the kicker…either that or they’ve not been around actual men much.

They are the ones dividing and destroying the Republican Party. Not Trump. And, it most certainly seems that all of the GOP’ers (those who had already expressed their disdain and even hatred for Trump…for example Carly Fiorina supporting him for a couple of weeks? Give us a break! Her ‘support’ was at its best disingenuous) all pretty much ran loudly away from him and told the respective media players at almost the same precise time. Were they cued as to the time of attack?

Was all of this coordinated by Bill Kristol, Mitt Romney and—dare I say his/its name—George Soros? Who knows? But, to me and at this juncture it certainly seems extremely plausible………………….


RINOs are “blowing up” the Republican Party…Not Trump

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