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Trump and the Surrender Caucus of the GOP
American Thinker ^ | October 10, 2016 | Jared E. Peterson

Posted on 10/11/2016, 5:12:20 PM by Kaslin

Right now we are witnessing one of the reasons the Left is winning and the Right losing America.

No Democratic Party president or presidential candidate in history has ever been subjected to, or will be subjected to, the kind of savage attempted assassination by his own party’s leaders that Donald Trump is now enduring from the great and the good among Republicans and “respectable” conservatives.

All for a locker room crudity that he thought he spoke in private.

Without the active, enthusiastic support of Republican office holders, present and former, this distraction from the real issues would have dried up and blown away in two days. But the ugly truth is Trump’s own party’s leaders are leading the pack of baying hounds.

Contrast this with the Left’s reaction to indiscretions by its presidents or presidential candidates: No matter the infraction, the moral failing or the actual crime, the Left stands by its main man. Always.

Of course, the band of Never Trumps now trying to destroy their voters’ choice for the presidency were already looking for an excuse to commit this coup against the party base well before the current opportunity arose.

But the reality is that in similar circumstances the feckless Republican Party, along with much of the “respectable” American Right, would be administering the same slashing to a candidate they liked.

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Source: Trump and the Surrender Caucus of the GOP


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