Surrender? US schools to REQUIRE Muslim indoctrination


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Surrender? US schools to REQUIRE Muslim indoctrination
Allen B. West/ Info from WND ^ | 10/12/16 | Allen B. West

Posted on 10/12/2016, 10:34:17 AM by milford421

“As reported by, “One of the nation’s largest school districts has adopted a resolution banning “hateful speech” against Muslim students while accusing America of having “a long history of racism and xenophobia.”

“Can you just imagine what would happen if a school board voted 8-0 for a resolution that promoted “instituting school policies and setting an educational curriculum that reflects JUDEO-CHRISTIAN values?””

Here’s the resolution:$file/KCPS_SupportForMuslims_2016_NAedits-2.pdf

(Excerpt)

Source: Surrender? US schools to REQUIRE Muslim indoctrination

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