Wikileaks: ‘Has That Gotten Any Press?’ Clinton Asked After Fast and Furious Killing of ICE Agent

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Wikileaks: ‘Has That Gotten Any Press?’ Clinton Asked After Fast and Furious Killing of ICE Agent
Breitbart Texas ^ | 10/11/2016 | byBob Price

Posted on 10/12/2016, 10:07:33 AM by Rusty0604

“Has that gotten any press?” was then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s one-line response to an email notifying her that the gun used to kill Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jamie Zapata in February 2011 was tied to the Fast and Furious scandal.

Other guns were also connected to the murder of U.S Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010.

An email message that is part of the leaked WikiLeaks emails was sent from Jacob Sullivan to Secretary Clinton on March 1, 2011, just two weeks after Agent Zapata was murdered in Mexico. Sullivan, who then served as Director of Policy Planning at Clinton’s State Department, had forwarded a message from Clinton Advisor Daniel Kurtz-Phelan. The subject line of the unclassified message was “American guns killing American agents.”

The email went on with a block quote of an Associated Press article titled, “ATF: Gun in US Agent’s Death Traced to Texas Man.” Secretary Clinton’s sole response to the email was to ask about the media ramifications of this revelation.

ICE Agent Victor Avila was also wounded in the attack. Secretary Clinton did not inquire about the then current condition or status of Agent Avila or about Agent Zapata’s family. She only inquired about press coverage of the report.

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