Corruption Most Foul

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Corruption Most FoulCanada Free Press ^ | 10/13/16 | Mike FordPosted on 10/13/2016, 10:45:32 AM by Sean_AnthonyI weep for my country and I fear for my fellow warriors who are still at the pointy end of the spear, and whose lives would be put at risk by her unwillingness to follow simple security rules, should she ever become Commander In ChiefThere is a foul odor emanating from Northeastern United States. Its epicenter is Chappaqua, NY.

However, other locales such as New York City, Washington DC, Charleston, SC, and wherever else the Hillary for President campaign happens to be traveling, do their fair share in polluting the atmosphere. That odor is now also emanating from the Hoover Building, the Washington DC Headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That odor is the fetid, smell of in-your-face, arrogant, public corruption.

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