We Are Living In A Nihilistic World


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We Are Living In A Nihilistic World
https://www.jihadwatch.org ^ | 10/13/2016 | Michael Devolin

Posted on 10/13/2016, 2:18:57 PM by heterosupremacist

“Americans have learned to expect, after every Islamist terror attack, lectures instructing them that such assaults should in no way be connected to Islamic faith of any kind.” — Dorothy Rabinowitz

In Vancouver, B.C. they are now handing out free heroin to addicts. Turns out that the B.C. government is spending more money on drugs than on treatment to get addicts off drugs. One caller phoned in to a CBC Radio host, complaining about the absurdity of such a self-defeating strategy and remarking: “We are living in a nihilistic world.” He pointed out what should have been the obvious, that such a program did nothing but encourage addicts from the surrounding areas to move to Vancouver to get free drugs, that handing out free heroin to these addicts would only accommodate their addiction, not remedy it.

We are doing to the same for jihadists. We are bending over backwards to avoid connecting Islamic terrorist attacks with Islam proper. We are concocting the most bizarre excuses for the religion of Islam, so as not to blame the religion of Islam for the transgressions of its most zealous (and always murderous) followers. This is why I long ago referred to Islam as “the Teflon religion.” Because nothing seems to stick to it. No amount of savagery and bloodletting in the name of Islam seems to bring any measure of culpability to Islam.

Jews and Zionism are calumniated for all the misfortune befalling the so-called Palestinians; Christians are blamed even for Islamic terror attacks (e.g. the Orlando terror attack); but Muslims and Islam seem to be covered by clouds of exculpation when it comes to their most observant religious.

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